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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Andhra Pradesh Policy Makes Sand Easily Available for Builders.!

The builder / promoter / developer community in Andhra Pradesh (AP) is seeing easy availability of sand at a better price due to the new sand policy that has been announced recently. Though it will take some time for its implementation across the AP state, it has struck the right chord with the construction community. The price of sand in recent times has doubled due to non-availability because of a court stay on sand mining after concerns were raised about exploitation of the natural resource.

Andhra Pradesh Water Land & Trees Act.

In the new policy, the AP state has now done away with auctions & instead put a lottery system in place for sand. There are provisions to seize vehicles & machinery that violate sand mining norms. Mining should be restricted to the quantity fixed in the mining plan & adhere to the stipulations of Andhra Pradesh Water Land & Trees Act.

The SSR (standard scheduled rate) for sand is fixed at Rs. 325 per cubic metre at pitheads in sand reaches. The district authorities have to fix the selling price, which should not br more than 20% of the SSR. The new policy also applies to those already quarrying sand. VAT (Value added tax) and other levies add to the cost while the distance from sand source will determine the landing cost of sand.

Guntur, which is among the districts implementing the new policy, is allowing builders to involve directly they are allowed five (5) trips of sand based on project approval plans. Representations for similar facility are being made in Krishna & other districts.


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