HIGHLIGHTS OF THE RAILWAY BUDGET - 2013-14 : Some Achievements and Initiatives..

1. Safety; 2. Consolidation; 3. Passenger Amenities; 4. Fiscal Discipline.

Some Achievements / Initiatives

   * Indian Railway enters the one billion (100 Crore) tonne Select Club joining Chinese, Russian and US Railways;
*  Indian Railway also joins Select Club running freight trains of more than 10000 tonne load;
    ‘Fuel Adjustment Component’ concept to be implemented linking tariffs with movement of fuel prices;

*  Target of Rs 1000 crore each fixed for Rail Land Development Authority and IR Station Development Corporation to be raised through PPP in 2013-14;

    New fund – Debt Service Fund – to be set up to meet committed liabilities of debt servicing for WB and JICA loans for DFC and other future liabilities. 

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