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Monday, March 25, 2013

Inverter :Tips for Battery Maintenance..!

Ideally, pick a model that has a battery selection slider, which allows you to choose any battery to go with your inverter.

The battery is an important component of the inverter.

Tips for Battery Maintenance..!

Here are a few tips for battery maintenance..


l~ The storage & charging room must be dry and ventilated

l~ Store batteries upright & ideally, do not store them with other items

l~ Do not try to fast-charge the battery with a higher than allowed current. It reduces its life.

 Mak Series
l~Do not use broken clips or / frayed wires for charging

l~ Do not disconnect or /  remove a battery during the charging process

l~ Do not use automotive batteries for your inverter

l~ Ensure that the charger-inverter output is within the specified limit.

l~ Keep battery away from candles, sparks or /  open flame

l~ Do not cover your inverter or /  battery with cloth, paper or /  plastic

l~ Clean both with a soft, wet cotton cloth

l~ Keep terminals dust and grease free &  check the water level once in two (2) months

l~ Also remember, to not top up over the maximum level as overflows will corrode metal parts & weaken the electrolyte.

Src: Hindu 


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