Kanavu Illam 2013 - Property Exhibition: Aug. 24, 25 Trichy - Stall Bookings Open..!

As an ardent (a keen) observer of the activities of building & construction sector, have been highlighting its positive & negative aspects, bringing to light brighter & darker sides of it and sharing its moments of successes & failures through English Monthly ' Our Building  &  Construction' over the past 5 years.

The confidence gained over this period inspired us to move a step ahead & develop Directories for the Building Industry (Chennai & Tamil Nadu Editions), 'a must-reference-guide' for all the players of this real estate industry.

Kanavu Illam - 2013 at Trichy..!

Unanimous acceptance of both periodicals, pushed us further to newer echelon of our aspiration - bringing active players & ardent seekers face to face and providing them platform to interact directly with each other sans middlemen. Thus was born 'Housing Fairs'.  Now Kanavu Illam – 2013 at Trichy.

What is so special of Housing Fair?

a The Property and Home Loan Fair is essentially an informal market for everything about the building & constructions for everyone.

a The Expo will address the housing requirements of both the informal & formal sections of the community.

a At display will be Ongoing Projects, Housing loans, a range of  Building products and more, all under one roof.

a The Property Fair will also provide the best opportunity to pick up  new ideas from a Panel of Experts from different fields of the industry, who will be at your service during the event.

Why this Fair?

To meet your market face to face, demonstrate projects, answer queries, clear all apprehensions &  to harness all 5 senses to drive home your messages, exhibitions are  the perfect retail locations where the walk by traffic is numbered in thousands; a unique place to sell your product very informally within a limited time; bring you the most  prospective customers & provide the opportunity to sell directly or / expand your database.

At the same time, virtually improves you marketing goals sucha as Building up Brand Image, Across-the-counter sales, Feeling the pulse of the market, Generate media coverage, Launch new products, Entertain prospective customers, Collect high quality leads, Educate prospects.

Where is this Fair?

RockFort City offers plenty of real estate opportunities-  Space constraint, pollution, water scarcity, congestion &  what not..!

A growing city faces all these issues. And a citizen desiring to buy a place for his / her own will have to compromise on these aspects many a time. But there is atleast one city in the state where one need not bother about all of them or  / most of them to the least – the RockFort City, Trichy.

Trichy is one of the most important cities of India &  4th largest urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu. As a centrally located town of the state, it remains industrially, educationally & touristically prominent place for several years. The Trichy city connects the southern districts of the state with the capital, Chennai, through road, rail & air.

The advantage of the city, referred to as Trichinopoly in the records of  British India & broadly known as Tiruchirappalli, is the transportation facilities. Let it be bus or / rail, access to any place is so easy. And the upgradation of the Trichy airport into an international airport raises its significance on the global  map.

The Pilgrimage is one of the important features of the Trichy city. Starting with Rockfort, the pilgrimage covers Sri Rangam, Thiruvanaikoil, and Samayapuram and continues to highlight many other temples in the city. Kallanai & Mukkombu fill the gap for picnic spots.

Co-existence of industry, agriculture, government offices & institutions is the masterpiece of the Trichy city coveted by peace along with growth. This makes it the  most attractive & preferred destination in the state.

Opportunities lie plenty with the public sector enterprises such as BHEL, HAPP and Golden Rock Railway Workshops & their auxiliary units  in and around the city, in addition to many leading private industrial units such as Cethar Vessels & Rane Group that continue to generate more jobs. Recent setting up of IT Parks at Navalpattu also indicates a positive trend for the future.

On the educational front, The National Institutes of Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Management, Bharathidasan University, Anna University of Technology have their campuses in the city. There are also many reputed private educational institutions in and around Trichy city.

With the growth of the city driven by ever-increasing industrial & educational activity, its population is expected to reach a million mark and at that time, the need for housing is expected to  meet with explosive growth in demand. That said, plenty ofreal estate opportunities lie in the district.

Aiming to throw light on this scenario and enlighten the local community of the lying opportunities, are organising a property show KANAVU ILLAM -  2013 at Lotus Hall (A / C) Hotel Femina (Opposite to Central bus stand & adjacent Femina Shopping Mall), Trichy on Auguset 24, 25 - 2013.

 The venue looks a strategic location given that thousand &  thousands of visitors inevitably pass by this area everyday. This place is also accessible from any part of the city & Surrounding Districts.

When is this Fair?

24th - 25th August 2013

Time Schedule..!

Expo Time..: 10 AM to 8 PM

Facility to the Exhibitors:
^         Fascia with Exhibitor's Name
^         Two Tube Lights
^        1 Table & 2 Plastic Chairs
^         5 Amps Power Point
^         Exhibitor Pass 2 nos
^         Visitors Register

# Additional facilities will be charged

Who Can Participate?

 aReal Estate Builders
aReal Estate Developers
aReal Estate  Promoters
a Houising Loan Providers - Banks and Housing Finance Companies
a Interior & Exterior, etc...!
Arasu Alagappan,
MD, B & C Expo
 Mr. Arasu Alagappan, MD, B & C Expo said, ''The Kanavu Illam 2013 expo will help the visitors gain personal knowlegde on the prevailing reality in the property development through interaction with the housing Finance experts, without the need for middle - men"

Main Floor Plan Hotel Femina

 Basement Floor Plan Hotel Femina

Stall Size (in Square Meter):

4 x 2, 3 x 3, 3 x 2, 2 x 2 (A / C Hall)

For Stalls bookings, call: 98410 76576.
Entry is Free.
Another informative feature is free consultation forum between 5 pm and 8 pm on both days of Fair.

Media Partners

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Behind MMM Hospital, Mogappair East,
Chennai - 600037. Ph : +91- 44 6454 3377, +91- 44  4354 0330

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Contact Person S.Balaji Cell: 97899 15338


Great Lakes invite applications for PGXPM and PGWPM

Great Lakes Institute of Management invites applications for its two (2) year Post Graduate Programs PGXPM - Post Graduate eXecutive Program in Management &  PGWPM - Post Graduate Management Program for Working Professionals.

Applicants can submit their applications for PGXPM till 15th of July 2013 and for PGWPM till 30th of July, 2013.
·    PGXPM is a 2 year Program in Management for middle / senior level managers (with 8 + years of work experience) who want to move higher in the management ranking. Considering the work experience of the participants, this 8 term program focuses on Finance, Marketing, Operations, Technology & Human Resource Management amongst other aspects of management.

Eligibility Criteria..!
·    All applicants should have completed a minimum 10 + 2 + 3 years of education
·    All applicants should have minimum 8 years work experience and should be currently working
·    Applicants who do not have valid CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT or /  CMAT score will have to write Great Lakes Entrance Test
PGWPM is a two year Program in Management for working professional with more than 2 years of work experience. The program is also suited for Entrepreneurs and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, CAs who are looking for formal management education that shall help scale up their operations.
Eligibility Criteria ..!
·    All applicants should have completed a minimum 10 + 2 + 3 years of education
·    All applicants should have minimum 24 months work experience and should be working currently. Candidates with 18-24 months work ex will be considered if he/she found to be exceptionally good
·    Applicants who do not have valid CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT or / CMAT score will have to write Great Lakes Entrance Test

·    Eligible candidates can apply to Great Lakes Institute of Management by completing the online application form after making a payment of Rs. 1500
·    Evaluated applicants are invited for personal interview at Chennai

For queries regarding admission, log on to www.greatlakes.edu.in

About Great Lakes Institute of Management

Great Lakes Institute of Management is a leading B-school in India founded in 2004 by Prof. Bala V. BalachandranJ.L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information ManagementNorthwestern University, USA . The campus has been built on sprawling 27 acres and is LEED Platinum rated .The institute has academic alliances with Stuart Graduate School of Business USA, Yale University USA., and Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. In a short span of 9 years since inception, it is ranked in the Top 10 B Schools of India in 2012 (Outlook & Careers 360)
The institute offers a flagship one year Post Graduate Program in Management besides a Two year regular Post Graduate Diploma in Management. In addition, for Executives there are 2 part time programs to choose besides a Global Executive MBA in Energy Management in association with Bauer college, Houston Texas
For media queries, please contact:
Krishna Moorthy – 9442191717 / Asad – 9943216959
Avian Media, Chennai Web site:  www.avian-media.com


Philips unveils a suite of products to help reduce infant mortality in India

Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore, continues its quest to provide innovative and affordable healthcare solutions for India. The company today launched an innovative and advanced suite of mother and child care solutions during the Annual Media Onsite, 2013. This suite of products focused across the continuum of care is affordable and caters to a diverse set of care areas.

“India loses over three lakh babies every year. Many of these are premature and low birth weight infants who are exposed to hypothermia – a condition where the infants’ body temperature drops below the normal temperature required for metabolism and body function. The Philips Efficia range of infant Warmers and Incubators is intended to reduce infant mortality which is the need of the hour in India. Other major causes for infant mortality are neonatal jaundice and respiratory distress, which are addressed by products such as BiliChek ® transcutaneous bilirubinometer, BiliTx™ phototherapy system and NeoPAP respiratory support solution for neonates” said Dr Wido Menhardt, CEO, Philips innovation Campus.

“The launch today is in line with our commitment to focus on next generation healthcare solutions. We believe that this whole new suite of products launched today will provide value to customers through cost effective solutions and greater efficiencies. We have solutions for premium urban corporate hospitals as well as tier-2 cities and primary health centers.” said Krishna kumar, President – Philips Healthcare India.

It is also important to monitor the bilirubin levels in infants since neonatal jaundice is common in newborn babies, affecting nearly half of them in the first two weeks of life. The Philips BiliChek ®  measures bilirubin levels in a non-invasive manner making use of light instead of a needle, reducing pain and trauma to the babies. The most convenient aspect of  BiliChek ® is that, it can be utilized without the hassles of undergoing a lab test and waiting for results.

BiliTX™ wraps babies in healing light. Neonatal jaundice can be effectively treated through phototherapy, and, Philips through its global expertise in healthcare and lighting is focused on developing products that support the infant’s development and the health of the mother.

WithNeoPAP Philips provides a sophisticated neonatal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) delivery system, developed to treat newborns and infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). This non-invasive, dynamic system features a lightweight interface made of soft, skin-friendly silicone to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Philips Innovation Campus, whose vision is to create innovative and meaningful healthcare solutionsfor the community, with focus on constantly improving patient care, believes that this launch will provide easy access and efficient healthcare forall.

About Philips Innovation Campus (PIC)
Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore is a division of Philips Electronics India Limited. It was established in August 1996, as a software center and has since developed into a product development center with the focus on delivering meaningful innovations for local and global markets.

PIC hosts all the three business units of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Lighting. Healthcare is the largest R&D organization at PIC with activities in Imaging Systems, Home Healthcare and Patient Care & Clinical Informatics. Lighting was started in 2010 and PIC is now one of Philips’ largest Lighting software centers. Working at PIC are about 2500 of the industry's finest professionals. It is an exciting place for technology professionals because they have an opportunity to create products and services by leveraging competencies across Research, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, IT, Lighting and Intellectual Properties and Standards - all under one roof!

For media queries, please contact:
Sumathi Rao

Nirjhara Rastogi

Krishna Moorthy – 9442191717 / Asad – 9943216959

Avian Media, Chennai

Investing tips by Warren Buffet in India – Picking the right stocks

The only question among the Indian investors is “Is this the best time to invest in gold?” According the world’s third-richest man, Warren Buffet, the answer is a big ‘No’.  Even though gold is a favorite investment for the Indians, Warren Buffet announced to an audience in New Delhi that this isn’t at all the right time to invest in gold. As per the financial czar, gold, art and oil are investments that never produce any product or income. So, the investors who buy them are doing nothing but waiting for the assets to become popular among other investors in the near future.
Warren Buffet also added that if all the gold in the world could have been condensed, it would rather take the shape of a cube that measured 67 feet on all sides which could fit into an auditorium. But what would people do with gold? Would they fondle with it or stare at it? With gold, you bet on the price of the commodity and not on its productivity. Rather than gold, he advised the Indians to be keener on investing in those assets that are actually productive like stocks of farms that produce crops. From his personal experience, he has made huge returns through such aforementioned investments, valuing nearly $50.
Warren Buffet

Some investment tips shared by Warren Buffet
The key to success lies in the fact when you pick the right stock
Mr. Buffet repeated the fact that he always relied on the principles that were taught by his Guru, the mantra of choosing the stocks that were cheap than their actual worth. He doesn’t look at particular sectors while choosing and identifying stocks. Instead he just does a research of the companies whose business he understands and comprehends. He chooses those stocks where he sees the income potential to multiply in the next 5-10 years. Coca Cola is one of his holdings and he is of the opinion that Coca Cola is going to sell more and more products in the coming years. In comparison to Coca Cola, he actually maintained distance with the social media and technology firms that operate in the fast-changing world.
Knowing when to sell a particular stock
This is a tougher decision than the decision to buy a stock. Mr. Buffet holds on to stocks for many long years as he doesn’t feel the urge to become rich within the next few days or weeks. He therefore advised the Indians that one should sell off a stock immediately only when he gets a far better investment opportunity or when some particular thing has changed about the company which the investor doesn’t approve of.
Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can invest your hard-earned money, you should take into account the investment tips offered by Warren Buffet. Take measured and informed decisions and avoid bad investment decisions that can boomerang you in the long run.

 Mr. PENN ROSS, Contact at  penn.ross6@gmail.com


Buying Vs Renting a Home: Five Truths Must Consider..!

Buying the first home is perhaps the biggest decision for a salaried individual. It is also a decision that has to be financially prudent because one wrong step & you might be saddled with a huge debt & an illiquid asset.

Here is what you must consider before deciding to buy a home:

1a1Returns on Investment..!

The return on your investment should decide if you should keep your hard earned money in a bank or / invest in a home. Here are some of the tools that can help you.

 Price-to-rent ratio..!
 This is a commonly used tool in the US that can be calculated by dividing the cost of the house by the annual rent. If the ratio is below 15, you should buy else rent the house.

Risk analysis...!
 Property prices rise exponentially because in a developing country like India, prices can be artificially kept high over a long period of time. But, rental income grows at a more realistic rate because they are a true function of demand. Most rent agreements have a clause for 10 per cent annual hike, but property prices generally double every five years in a metro. But, even stock markets might give you a return in excess of 20 per cent. So, do a risk analysis before buying.

Cost-benefit analysis..!
 Online calculators are available free of charge that will do a cost-benefit analysis, incorporating various tax advantages, and other investment avenues.

2a1Financial strength..!

Your financial position should be the guiding force behind your decision to buy a home. If you earn Rs.1 lakh per month, you are entitled for a loan of Rs. 40 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh for tenure of 20 years.

However, your monthly expenditure should be less than your salary minus equated monthly installment (EMI) towards the housing loan. That is not all. You will have to shell out 20%of the cost of the house upfront, which for a Rs. 50 lakh home is Rs.10 lakh.

Ideally, you should set aside 4 to 6 months of salary (Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh) as contingency fund. Finally, you should have some surplus after you pay the monthly EMI and household expenditure. This surplus will cover your investment needs & any immediate rise in interest rates.

Only when you fulfill these minimum conditions, you should buy a house. Else, renting is a good option.

3a1Income stability.!

Housing loans are for long tenures, typically, 15 years / 20 years or more. Banks and Housnig finance companies (HFCs) do not give housing loans without thoroughly checking your employment record. But, as a prospective buyer, you should be confident about your job stability, especially if you are in the private sector.

Home Loan agreements generally come with an in-built insurance, which takes care of your outstanding loan in case of death. However, if you leave your job, you can get a reprieve for only 3 months. Also, before buying a home, you must take into account the salary hike you expect over the next few years because your EMI may rise sharply when rates go up. So, it is better to rent if you are not sure about your employment prospects.

4a1 Economics..!
 It is difficult to predict economic cycles. But, buying when the economy is turning around gives you a buffer of four to five years at the least. So, look out when the job market starts picking up & stock markets are on the rise because equities are a lead indicator of the economy. Also, look at the interest rate cycle closely because that is an uncertain component in your EMI. If you are uncertain about the economy, it is better to live in a rented accommodation.
5a 1 Ease of disposability..!
 It is difficult to dispose a home quickly because of the large amount of capital employed. So, it is always better to invest in areas with basic infrastructure in place. Good roads, schools, parks, and malls also ensure appreciation in your property. If your budget can get you a home without adequate infrastructure, it is better to live on rent than be stuck with an illiquid property that is difficult to dispose.


Armenian involvement in Chennai: 360 years of existence, Republic of Armenia, Celebration September, 2013

To commemorate their 360 years of existence in Chennai, the Republic of Armenia is planning to organize a grand celebration during September, this year (2013) in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. J.Jayalalithaa.

The Armenian street is extremely well - known to all Chennaiites, so is the St. Mary's Church on the same street.

Armenia has been associated in the development of Madarasapattinam as Chennai was known in those days. The Armenians settled here not only for trade, but also built several historical artifacts which are famous worldwide.

The Armenian presence in Madras began to increase from 1688  when the East India Company gave the privilege to Armenian  to carry out the Trade in Madras, as well as they had all the rights like British men including the right to own land in Fort St.George.

The first known house of an Armenian in Fort St. George is what is called as Admirality House today. It is a great heritage to our city. There is been a tombstone built near Little Mount during the year 1663 which certifies this.

The Marmalong Bridge now called 'Maraimalai Adilagar Bridge' was originally built in 1726-28 by the Armenian Merchant Mr. Cogia Petrius Uscan by using his own money at the cost of Rs. 1 lac.  In addition to all the works done by them, The Armenian constitution project for the Armenians named  Vorogait Paratz was written in Madras by Mr. Hakob Shah Amirian and the Madras Group.

The Armenian Church,  constructed in 1712  and reconstructed in 1772, is one of the oldest churches of the Indian Subcontinent.  It is famous for its Belfry of six. The Church, also called the Armenian Church of Virgin Mary, is located on the Armenian Street, Parrys, Chennai.

To commemorate their 360 years of existence in Chennai, the Republic of Armenia is planning to organize a grand celebration during September, this year (2013) in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. J.Jayalalithaa.                                                                                                                                                   

For further information please call Parul Bhatt, Prism PR - 98410 14925


2013: Chennai Real Estate Market Trends..!

The suburban micro markets of Porur, Poonamallee, Pallavaram, Chrompet &  Tambaram which witnessed fresh launches in 2012 are expected to appreciate by
7 – 10 % in 2013.

Other micro markets to look for are Ambattur, Avadi, Kolathur, Madipakkam, Medavakkam, Pallikaranai, Thiruporur, Urapakkam, Velachery.

Chennai Micro Market Ranking for Consumer Demand

1. Porur
2. Tambaram
3. Medavakkam
4. Ambattur
5. Urapakkam
6. Kolathur
7. Chrompet
8. Velachery
9. Madipakkam
10. Poonamallee
11. Sholinganallur
12. Kelambakkam
13. Siruseri
14. Iyyapanthangal

Preference trends for new and resale properties have beaten the conventional notion that consumers prefer only new homes – focus on budget Shift seen in consumers’ intent to make property purchase - wait & watch strategy

Focus of buyers in Chennai residential market over last 3 quarters has been on 2 BHK properties with 35 % consumer demand having a budget of Rs. 30 to Rs.
50 Lacs. This indicates need for more and more affordable & mid income residential properties in the city. Properties of Rs. 1 Cr show only 10 % demand.

Investors go to areas which have potential end-user participation. Increase in  number of buyers concentrating on mid segment residential properties, has led to 2BHKs being the most preferred unit type in Chennai with over 65% demand over last three quarters of 2012. This trend is generally seen with most investors eyeing potential rental income from 2 BHK residential units which are easy to rent.

Focus on 2 BHK properties - 35 % consumer demand seen within budget of Rs. 30 Lac to  Rs. 50 Lac Clear indication seen for affordable and mid income residential properties Shift in demand for 2 BHKs with over 65 % consumer demand

In 2013 Chennai real estate market is expected to see stable growth with moderate appreciation. The residential market is likely to see few launches with focus on reduction in the inventory overhang which currently lies between 6 to 8 quarters. With heightened Government’s focus on improving the infrastructure scenario, an increase in interest for commercial as well as residential properties is likely to be seen.

Source: IndiaProperty


2013: Chennai Real Estate Demand For Top Locations in Chennai City..!

Over the past 4 quarters Porur and Navalur have been hot markets and have seen an increase in pricing









Chennai Demand for Popular Micro Markets over Last Three Quarters

Source: IndiaProperty

2013: Chennai Real Estate Capital Values..

Residential Property Rates for Mid Segment Properties in Major Micro Markets
in Chennai:

MICRO MARKET CAPITAL VALUE (Rs. per square feet)

Porur                             4,500 - 5,000
Guduvanchery            3,000 - 3,200
Vandalur                      3,000 - 3,300
Oragadam                   2,800 - 3,500
Navalur                       4,500 - 5,000
Medavakkam              4,300 - 4,500

On comparing the prevailing market rates in Chennai city residential market to the property rates consumers are ready to pay; micro markets Medavakkam,
Guduvanchery, Oragadam & Vandalur have comparable pricing.

The increase in pricing of Porur and Navalur residential market over past 4 quarters has led to a demand & supply mismatch. What is typically seen is when prices increase in a certain market, it forces the mid income buyer segment to shift focus to lower priced micro markets.

In 2013 we expect these markets to have stable pricing.

Src: India Property.com


2013: Chennai Real Estate Stock & Absorbtion..!

Global uncertainties and IT / ITES sector going slow with their expansion plans impacted the real estate scenario in Chennai with high vacancy rate. Though the focus on residential sector from developers end was high, and Chennai market saw remarkably high number of new launches in 2012.

Sales were moderate in comparison to the new residential supply added to the market. In 2013 Chennai residential market is likely to see few launches compared to 2012 but improvement in sales with an overhang of 18 to 22 months.

The above graphs highlight the current residential market scenario of Chennai. With maximum new launches and construction happening around OMR and GST Road belt, South Chennai is seeing maximum growth. Concentrating on South Chennai, for all the budget ranges more than 50% units are available
indicating piled inventory.

If the current sluggish growth of IT / ITeS sector continues the area would face an oversupply situation. Moreover, lack of basic infrastructure (roads, water,
and sewage system) would heighten it further.

Src: India Property.com

2013: Chennai Real Estate Overview

Chennai real estate market has been stable with moderate price appreciation of 8 to  10 % in 2012. With inprogress infrastructure projects taking shape, the demand and capital values are expected to rise across all sectors. Focus on improvement of public modes of transport has been one of the major highlights in Chennai. This is evident from the expansion of the existing highways, work on Chennai Metro and the Outer Ring Road.

Approval of 3 new bridges connecting ECR and OMR at Neelankarai, Palavakkam and Kottivakkam is expected to impact the capital values. Going forward growth in Chennai would not solely be determined by the IT / ITES sector, but also the transport corridors of the above mentioned infrastructure projects. Chennai market is looking forward to the MRTS and BRTS projects to give the city a new face in 2014-15.

2012 has seen the city shift investor focus from the usual OMR, ECR to the WEST and NORTH of Chennai. The operationalization of the TIDCO & Ascendas SEZ at Tiruvallur and the operationalization of the new airport at Sriperumpudur in 2015 is driving interest in the North & West Chennai regions.
In 2013 Chennai real estate market is expected to see stable growth with moderate appreciation

Src: India Property.com


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