Subham Real Promoters: Buy 2,400 Sq. Ft for Rs. 2.5 lac, Get 1,200 sq. ft. Free

Approved Plot For Sale :

Name of the Promoter: Subham Real Promoters

Name of the Project: Thiruvalluvar Nagar

Buy One ground  for Rs. 2,50,000 get 1,200 sq ft Free

Near by NH4, Sipcot, New Chennai Airport,
Bus & Railway Station.

Fast growing area, Registration Free.

Distance from site
Distance from NH4 to 4km
Site to Arakkonam 25 km
Site to Kanchipuram  25 km
Panapakkam village 1 km
Solinger Railway station 5 km

Future development site

1. From site 3km sipcot

2.International airport from 20km

3.NH4 Convert to NH6 in very soon,

Near by school, hospitals, home and temple

For More Details
Subham Real Promoters



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