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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Real Estate Regulatory Bill :Developers Welcome ..

Developers Welcome The Real Estate Regulatory Bill
The passing of the long-pending Indian Real Estate Regulatory Bill, which was being hotly debated and second-guessed for far too long, is an unequivocal victory for the Indian real estate sector.  

Mr. Arvind Jain, Managing Director - Pride Group: 

The real estate regulatory bill has been long in the pipeline, and has now cleared all roadblocks and become a law. 

Various decision makers involved in it had been ambiguous about their stance towards this vital regulator, and as a result it remained pending. 

 Now, it has finally received the green signal and is all set to revolutionize the Indian realty market. It will empower consumers by giving them confidence while making their real estate investments. 

It imposes strict regulations on how developers conduct their business, and underwent various redrafts aimed at doing this. It is very encouraging that the bill is now a reality. 

Mr. Kishor Pate, CMD - Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd: 

The real estate needed the Real Estate Regulatory bill more than any other single piece of legislation, even though GST, the Land Acquisition & Rehabilitation Bill, single window clearance and industry status are by now means of less importance.  

The industry has been in express need of an apex body via which all concerns of consumers can be addressed transparently and efficiently. We will now see a radical transformation of the entire residential sector. 

Strict enforcement of project delivery timelines, verifiable construction quality and assurance of legal clearances will finally become a reality, and the consumer confidence which had all but evaporated will return. It is a most welcome development. 

Mr. Anil Pharande, Chairman - Pharande Spaces: 

The Indian real estate sector has historically been unregulated & very disorganized. 

Unfortunately, the unorganized segment has so far represented the largest share of the market, and it is in this segment that consumers have in innumerable cases been held hostage to by unscrupulous practices of ruthless developers. 

The real estate regulatory bill was drafted with a vision to give clarity and assurance to real estate buyers via various strictures. Now that it has become an enforceable law, it will have a profoundly positive effect on how both domestic and global investors view Indian real estate. More importantly, it will give homebuyers a strong measure of assurance. 

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The Real Estate Regulatory Bill :Developers Welcome .. Reviewed by S. Chitra on March 11, 2016 Rating: 5 Developers Welcome The Real Estate Regulatory Bill   The passing of the long-pending Indian Real Estate Regulatory Bill, which was bei...

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