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Monday, April 18, 2016

ChampCamp from Medi Assist aims to Redefine Employee Engagement

By on Monday, April 18, 2016

26,000 Corporate Employees Touched and Going Strong: ChampCamp from Medi Assist aims to Redefine Employee Engagement

ChampCamp has resulted in as much as a 40% increase in employee participation in onsite wellness programs at Flipkart, Adobe, Syniverse and others

Medi Assist, the Bangalore-based managed healthcare organization, has introduced ChampCamp, an interactive format that combines health benefits and wellness with fun, games and social engagement. In less than six months, ChampCamp has reached nearly 26,000 employees at some of India’s finest corporate campuses. ChampCamp has significantly increased employee participation at onsite health benefits and wellness events, delivering as much as 40% increase in utilization at events conducted for the likes of Flipkart, Adobe, Wipro, Persistent Technologies, Exilant, Cipla, Syniverse and more. 

“Wellness programs are a key retention strategy for corporates. HR managers also see a direct correlation between corporate wellness programs and employee productivity. But, our corporate customers often grapple with low employee participation in these events and they worry about sub-optimal utilization of their wellness budgets,” says Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist. “In the case of onsite health checks, for example, either the employees don’t fully appreciate the importance of preventive care or they find it just too boring to wait in a queue for their turn to undergo medical tests. ChampCamp aims to solve for these by adding elements that appeal to young Indian employees – camaraderie and fun,” he adds. 

Persona-based, targeted communication appeals to the different audience profiles among employees; group fitness challenges encourage people to bring their friends along; theme-based games engage participants while they wait for their turn at the onsite event; and social engagement activities convert plain-vanilla camps into an event that employees can cherish with post-event photos and videos. 

Companies that have experienced ChampCamp are unanimous in their opinion that the format delivers lasting employee delight. Speaking about the ChampCamp conducted at Flipkart in Bangalore under the aegis of their wellness program, HarPal, Satheesh K V, Director, Total Rewards, Flipkart said, “This season Flipsters had a great turn-out at the ChampCamp and gave a happiness score of 4.6 out of 5.”   

“ChampCamp is yet another attempt by us to focus on the obvious as well as the latent needs of our members. We have successfully conducted ChampCamp in various formats - to boost enrolment for health benefits at the beginning of the policy year, to increase utilization of health checks and also to encourage better financial planning by optimally utilizing corporate health benefits,” adds Satish.

About Medi Assist

Medi Assist is transforming the Indian healthcare ecosystem by making healthcare more accessible, affordable and actionable for millions of people around the country. It is changing the way the various stakeholders of the ecosystem – insurers, insured and medical service providers – interact with each other; while influencing the ecosystem to cover many more lives that today remain unserved.

A Red Herring Asia award winner in 2014, Medi Assist has been widely recognized for the innovative use of technology in the healthcare industry. The company has also been listed as one of Forbes India’s Hidden Gems in 2014. For more information,

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