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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Shree Samarth Financial Services - SSFS - Vile Parle (East), BOMBAY

Shree Samarth Financial Services - SSFS 

About SSFS 

Shree Samarth Financial Services (SSFS) helps individuals to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. SSFS provides comprehensive financial plan and helps in its implementation, monitoring and tracking. 

Company History ..!

Established on 6th February 2008, Shree Samarth Financial Services is located at Vile Parle (East),  BOMBAY.
 So far it has made over eighty families happy by helping them having a Comprehensive Financial Plan to achieve their Personal, Professional, and Financial Goals.

Once the initial plan is made, it is discussed with Client. It is further fine tuned as per the discussion finding. After it is agreed, it is implmented.
SSFS then makes two reviews in a year so as to track the progress and make fine tuning, if needed.

Services Provided..!
Shree Samarth Financial Services provides services to individuals to achieve their financial goals. This indirectly helps them achieve their personal and professional goals as well.

SSFS Services..!
SSFS provides following two services to an individual.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This service carries out all activities of Financial Planning. Fourth step, that is, Develop a Financial Plan, is carried out at length. Fully developed plan is then explained to the Client to know his opinion and acceptance.

Suggestion if any is noted to modify the plan which is then finalized as an initial version. This version forms a Base for subsequent future reviews.

Modular Planning..!
In case Client needs services to a particular area of Financial Planning, it is available as a Module. Such service can be for any one or more of the following areas.

* Insurance Planning (Health Insurance, Life Insurance

Retrirement Income Planning
Education Fund Planning (For Self or /and Children) 
Marriage Fund Planning (For Children)

Service Components..!
Depending on the data analysis, Client's need, current Networth, required future Networth, and Client's Risk Profile, one or more of following areas are suggested and necessary service is provided, as per Client's acceptance. 

* Health Insurance (including Senior Citizens) 

Life Insurance 
Fixed Deposits
Mutual Funds (Equity, Debt, Liquid, Money Market etc)
Direct Equity / Derivative 
Loan (Home, Car, Against Securities)

Cell: 986 904 5305

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