Friendship Day August First Sunday, Best Friends Day June 8

Friendship Day Best Friends Day

Friendship day is a day celebrated across the world in celebration of the wonderful relation called friendship.

It is a time to wish all friends, and to express that "I Care". 

Know in advance the Friendship Day falls in this year and the next. 

Know about all the dates from this year, till the year 2030, and be the first among your friends to prepare.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." 
-- Bernard Meltzer.

Friendship Day is dedicated to the bond of friendship and companionship and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This year 2016, it will be celebrated on 7th August. 

The occasion began as a small event, to commemorate the relation shared by friends. Today, it has taken the shape of a grand festival. Over the passing years, the festivities related to Friendship Day have become even more colorful. 

The exchange of gifts, flowers, friendship bands and greeting cards has become an important part, rather, a tradition of Friendship Day. 

Apart from the exchange of gifts, partying all through the night is one of the recent developments of Friendship Day which is seen largely among the youngsters.

YEAR Friendship Day Best Friends Day   
2015 August 2                    June 8   
2016 August 7                    June 8   
2017 August 6                   June 8   
2018 August 5                   June 8   
2019 August 4                   June 8   
2020 August 2                   June 8   
2021 August 1            June 8   
2022 August 7                 June 8   
2023 August 6               June 8   
2024 August 4              June 8   
2025 August 3              June 8   
2026 August 2            June 8   
2027 August 1             June 8   
2028 August 6 June 8   
2029 August 5 June 8   
2030 August 4 June 8  

The idea of honoring friendship has been appreciated by people in many countries of the world. With the advancement in the field of science and technology, connecting to friends on the wonderful occasion of Friendship Day has become easier. 
It is the perfect occasion to show your friends that you care and to recollect sweet memories of the time spent together. True friends are hard to find, so if you have one, make sure that you let your friend know on this day how much they mean to you.


June 8 celebrates Best Friends Day, a day to honor that one special person you call your “best friend”.   

This day is a time to show them how much you appreciate them, how special and important they are to you and how you cherish their friendship.

“Best friends share extremely strong interpersonal ties with each other.”  (Wikipedia)

Everyone has that one close friend, the one that you can count on to be there for you, the one you want to share your secrets with, the one you want to do fun things with, the one you want to just hang out with, that one person is your best friend.


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