NSE’s market share in equity cash market : Crossed 86% with traded volume Rs. 24,17,500 Cr During Apr. – Sep. 2016

NSE’s market share continues to grow in key segments

Large number of investors’ awareness programs are helping financial inclusion

MUMBAI: India’s largest stock exchange, National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) has yet again demonstrated unmatched performance in all the segments of capital market. By virtue of investors’ continuous support to NSE, its market share has increased to a record level during the first six months of the current financial year. 

NSE’s market share in equity cash market segment has crossed 86% with traded volume being around Rs. 24,17,500 crore during the April to September 2016 period. 

The exchange has registered around 99% market share in the equity derivatives segment with a recorded trade volume of Rs. 4,17,80,500 crore during the same period. 

During the last financial year the exchange recorded around 85% and 93% market shares in equity and equity derivative segments respectively.

NSE has also recorded an all-time high volumes in multiple products and segments during the same period. The Derivative segment of the exchange recorded an all-time high volume on 1,10,765.21 crore while the equity cash segment clocked a record volume of Rs 44,961.31 crore on 29 September 2016.

Retail focused products have also performed well on NSE’s platform during the period. Total AUM of Nifty 50 index based Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) crossed the Rs. 10,000 cr mark during the period with a market share of around 86%, while NSE emerged as the best performing exchange as a ‘receiving office’ in the recently concluded 4th tranche of sovereign gold bond scheme.

Investors have preferred NSE’s trading platform for other segments too. Currency derivatives segment (CDS) of NSE has seen 56% market share while more than 67% market participants chose to trade Interest Rate Futures (IRF) on the NSE platform during April to September 2016 period.  

CDS and IRF platforms have registered trade volumes of around Rs. 23,97,100 crore and Rs. 1,32,500 crore respectively.

NSE’s incessant efforts towards investor awareness is a key factor towards ensuring increasing participation on NSE’s platform. During the last 1 year period, NSE has organized around 2000 investor’s awareness programs nationwide.  Some of those programs were organized in far flung areas and covered a diverse set of investors through online and offline modes. 

NSE’s customer focused approach has helped the exchange to win investor’s confidence since its inception.

About National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE):

In its 23 years of existence, NSE has transformed the capital market, based on technology, innovation, high standards of corporate governance and management practices. NSE's business practices and high level of integrity have earned it the trust of the financial markets worldwide. Besides being a platform of choice for all exchange traded financial products in India, NSE's flagship index, Nifty50 is used extensively by investors in India and around the world as a barometer of the Indian capital markets. Since inception, the exchange has been covered extensively by global media and has won many accolades in recognition of its contribution in reforming the Indian securities market.

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