You Can Be Rich Too With Goal-based Investing

You Can Be Rich Too With Goal-based Investing

Buy the book that helps you answer the right questions on money management 
and create personalized solutions!

Two personal finance bloggers, with about 80 lac site views between them, present a book that will help you create personalized answers!

A book by P V Subramanyam and M Pattabiraman

Published by CNBC TV 18
Price Rs. 399/-.
The Authors

P V Subramanyam 

PV Subramanyam (Subra) is the CEO of 
Subramoney, a financial blog that hopes to simplify finance and ask the right questions. 
An accountant by qualification and a lawyer by training, he has spent his time in the trenches of the financial services industry and has conducted over 1,000 training and financial communication sessions across the country for general and specialised audiences. His first book, ‘Retire Rich - Invest Rs. 40 a day, has sold upwards of 150,000 copies so far.

M. Pattabiraman

M. Pattabiraman (pattu) is an associate professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He publishes ‘how-to’ articles (often the solutions for Subra's questions), research and posts open-source calculators on personal finance, mutual funds and stocks on his blog,
What is this book about?
Watch a two-minute video explaining what the book contains and how it can be useful for you
Whether you are a new investor or a senior do-it- yourself investor or an investor taking the help of advisors, you need a financial plan. This plan allows you to

·         Identify your destination,

·         Chart a route,

·         Commence your journey,

·         Identify milestones in the journey.

This book discusses simple ways to create such a goal-based financial plan to make you rich! Scroll down to buy online at a discount

Who should read this book?

This book is a crisp non-technical description of money management and does not contain a single equation!
It is meant for beginners and young earners to quickly understand the basics and implement them.
The book also caters to experts who will find the sections on mutual fund selection; portfolio construction; and the online calculators useful.

What does the book contain?

Chapters to help you ask the right questions!
# Where are you today
# Where do you want to go?
# What resources do you have?
# How much risk can and will you bear?
Get simple solutions!
# Create an investment plan 
# Select suitable investment products 
# Select the right Life & Health Insurance products
# Avoid mistakes
# and much more …
There are 9 online calculators!
Use them to create your custom investment solutions and track them!

What Readers Say?

A selection of reviews from Amazon

By Butun Mohapatra on 27 November 2016
The "best value for money 399 rs" you will ever spend in your life. You will not come across any better no-nonsense authors in personal finance space in India. Totally recommended.
ByAmazon Customer on 27 November 2016
For anyone who wishes to take control of his/her finance this book is a must read. Very simply put, even an amateur in finance will be able to understand and implement. The author genuinely attempts to inculcate the habit of investing among the people who have the ability to invest but refrain from doing it, either due to lack of time , interest or understanding!. The message from the book is " Investment done without setting a goal/ objective is like leaving for a trip without knowing the destination, not everytime the end result will be promising. Hence, it's important to invest in a planned & disciplined manner." A read is highly recommended 🖒
Bykarthik on 25 November 2016
The only book you need to get your hands on if you are lost in the financial jungle. Do it immediately. Simple, practical, crisp and precise. The best gift that a young earner can receive.Kudos to the authors.
Byshavneeton 16 November 2016
A must read for every beginner , or even for a seasoned investor , who are lost somewhere in the process. Each chapter is so nicely explained with no jagrons , be it related to Insurance , Investment , Taxation or Mutual Funds. And at the end calculators are just an eye opener when you put the real numbers , that makes the end Icing on the cake.
ByAmazon Customer on 14 November 2016
No beating around the bush, straight, concise, simple and immensely useful. If you read this book and spend some time understanding, exploring and using calculators the authors have made available at, you don't need to take services of any financial planner and in all probability you can do better job at your own financial planning than most of the professional financial planners out there in the market.
Bypraveen on 7 November 2016
A simple and nice book on investing, this book makes us see, financially where are we now, what is our destination, and how to reach it, the taxation chapter was an eye opener. An ideal gift for earning people.

Where can I buy the book?

Click on your favourite online store Rs. 359.
Flipkart: Rs. 359.
Bookadda Rs. 371. 
InfibeamRs. 307.
Sapnaonline.comRs. 339.
Take your pick! After you read the book, please do leave a review from where you got it from. Thank you.


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