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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

FAQ on Infrastructure Investment Trusts - InvITs

By on Tuesday, May 02, 2017

1 What are InvIT's? 

An InvIT is a mutual fund that investments in infrastructure projects as defined by the Ministry of Finance.

2 Where can they invest? 

In projects such as these. Source: 

3 What is the asset allocation?
There are two types of InvITs.

Public InvITs have to invest greater than 80% in completed revenue generating projects and not more than 10% in under construction projects.

Private InvITs can have more than 10% in under construction projects.

4 What is the minimum investment required?

Public InvITs: 10 Lakh

Private InvITs: 1 Crore

5. Will I get a dividend?   

There is no "growth" option! Twice a year (at least), the public or private InvIT will have to distribute 90% of the income as a dividend.

6. How are they taxed? 

The dividends are tax-free. The dividend distribution tax associated with them has been scrapped. Moreover, capital gains from units less than 3 Year old will be taxed at 15%+ cess and above that is tax-free.

7. What are the risks?  

In addition to the risks associated with REITs, the possibility of government intervention is a risk to the amount of income one can generate with this instrument.

8. What is the structure of an InvIT? 

In addition, the three entities associated with a RIET, an InvIT also has a project manager to undertake projects (need to learn more about this).

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