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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Tamilnadu Govt. Regularises Unapproved plots Sold Before October 20, 2017

By on Saturday, May 06, 2017

Tamilnadu Govt. Regularises Unapproved plots Sold Before October  20, 2017

Plots of land on public water bodies, poramboke areas or part of land earmarked for open space reservation not eligible for regularisation

The Tamilnadu State government has fixed October 20, 2016, as the cut-off date for regularising the more than 13 lakh plots in nearly 23,400 unapproved layouts across the Tamilnadu State.

The regularisation scheme applies to unapproved layouts sold through registered sale deeds on or before October 20, 2016. Even if one plot in such a layout has been sold, the entire layout becomes eligible for regularisation, an official said.

The cut off date has been chosen as an amendment to the Registration Act of the State.

The State Housing and Urban Development Department, on Thursday, issued two government orders, which were submitted to the Madras High Court on May 5, 2017.
While the order, called G.O. (Ms). No. 78, lays down general rules of the regularisation scheme, the other order, known as G.O. (Ms.) No.79, prescribes rules for change of land use from agricultural to non-agriculture in non-planned areas.
If plots or layouts, partially or wholly, are located on public water bodies such as channels, canals, tanks and government  poramboke lands, they would not be eligible for regularisation. Similarly, if they form part of land earmarked for open space reservation (OSR), parks or playgrounds of any approved layout or sub-division, they will be knocked out of the scheme.

All individual plot owners and layout promoters covered under the scheme will have to apply online to the authorities concerned in six months.
Depending upon the case, the permitting authority may be urban local bodies, village panchayats or the Chennai Metropolitian Development Authority in the Chennai Metropolitan Planning Area, or the Town and Country Planning Department in other areas.
Tamilnadu Govt Order
Applicants will have to pay regularisation charge, development charge, scrutiny fee and charges for OSR. Both regularisation and development charges will be collected per square metre.

The regularisation charge
will be ₹100 in municipal corporations;
₹ 60 in municipalities and
₹30 in town panchayats and village panchayats.

The development charges
will be ₹600 in municipal corporations;
₹350 in special and special grade municipalities;
₹250 in grade-I and grade II municipalities;
₹150 in town panchayats and
₹100 in village panchayats.

As for OSR charges, this will be equivalent to the value of 10% of the layout as per the guideline rate if 10% of OSR is not available.

In the event of OSR being partially available, the charges will be proportionately collected.

In the case of conversion of land from agriculture to non-agriculture for development in non-planning area, there will be a fee of ₹ 1,000 per plot. 

The regularisation scheme does not cover unauthorised buildings, for which a separate scheme is on the anvil.

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