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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Performance of NIFTY 50 & India GDP Growth Rate..!

By on Saturday, July 29, 2017

 Performance of NIFTY 50 & India GDP Growth Rate..!

NIFTY 50 & GDP growth rate

Growth rate of India’s GDP is fairly captured in the growth story of NIFTY 50. Over the years, In-dia has been one of the fastest growing large economies of the world which is also reflected in the rise of NIFTY 50 Index.

NIFTY 50 values as on financial year end & on days of reaching multiples of 1000 levels and GDP growth rate for respective financial year.

Beginning FY 2003-04, Indian economy was in a boom phase driven mainly by investments until it was disrupted by the global financial crisis of 2008. 

Large fiscal stimulus helped spur the growth process and so India began to recover much before most economies of the world.
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Recovery had been hampered by temporary shock in  2016-2017, while since beginning of 2017-18, market has picked momentum primarily on back of introduction of GST & many other reforms introduced by the Government of India (GIO).

The 10000 milestone that  NIFTY 50 has reached is a faithful representation of India’s growth prospects.

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