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Basketball fever takes hold of Kinect Sports: Season Two! Get a feel for the court with three fast-paced activities designed to hone your passing, shot timing and long-range basket skills: Alley-Oop Dreams, Shot Party and 3-Point Hero. All playable solo or in multiplayer, Quick Play or Challenge Play! Release date: 4/2/2012. Developer: Rare.

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Kinect Sports sends you, your friends and family into the stadium to bring out your potential as sporting legends. Experience all the thrills of six major events: Soccer, Bowling, Track & Field, Boxing, Beach Volleyball and Table Tennis. No controller required - your body is all you need.

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Kinect Sports Rivals, built for the power of Xbox One, lets you become the champion you were meant to be in an ever-evolving sports competition. Instantly create a super you and take on friends, rivals, and the entire world in the events tennis, bowling, soccer, wake racing, target shooting, and climbing.

Kinect Sports: Season Two - Xbox Games Store

The ‘Maple Lakes’ golf pack expands your Kinect Sports: Season Two golf experience by adding 9 new holes into the mix! Swing to win past forts, marinas, causeways and coves, finding hidden routes and hole-in-one opportunities. Attempt an 18-hole course match, the ultimate Golfing gauntlet! Free Download to Xbox 360.

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Other than that the game was one of the most creative kinect titles that ever came out. Think about kid's b-ball camps where they train using this. It not only teaches them rhythm, but how to dribble without focusing on the ball itself. level 1. coloringsquared5.

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