India Infoline Rs. 500 Cr NCD : Issue Opens On Sept 5, 2012

The face value of India Infoline Finance’s unsecured redeemable NCD (Non-Convertible Debentures) of Rs. 500 crore is fixed at Rs. 1,000.

The issue opens on September 5 & closes on September 18, 2012.

The NCD issue will raise Rs. 250 crore with an option to retain an over-subscription of an additional Rs. 250 crore.

The NCDs will be in the nature of subordinated debt & will be eligible for Tier-II capital. This means, in the case of default, creditor with subordinated debt would not get paid out until after the senior debt holders were paid in full.

Chennai Pressmeet - India Infoline

The issue has 3 investment options & the yield on redemption is 13.52% (Monthly Interest Payment), 12.75% (Annual Interest Payment) and 12.75% (Redemption Premium) a year respectively.

Minimum Application Amount: Rs. 5,000 (5 NCDs)

The lead managers are Axis Bank, SBI Capital Markets, Edelweiss Financial Services, Trust Investment Advisors Private and India Infoline (only for marketing of the issue), while the co-lead managers to the issue are RR Investors Capital Services (P) Ltd & Karvy Investor Services Ltd.

For More Details + 91 044 28297497 , Annapoorni  Ad factors pr ,
+ 91 22-4060 9268, +91 77383 55971,

Reliance Capital Asset Management : Launches SIP for MF through SMS

Under the 'Invest Easy' initiative, investors will be able to start a SIP for MF (mutual fund) with Reliance Capital by sending an SMS through their registered mobile numbers
 Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM) on recenly launched a SIP (systematic investment plan) in mutual funds through SMS under its 'Invest Easy' initiative..
As per the initiative, fund investors will be able to start a SIP by sending an SMS through their registered mobile numbers.
Mr. Sundeep Sikka, Chief Executive, Reliance Capital Asset Management said,  "SIP through SMS is the latest service offering from RCAM. This feature will make it cost efficient and convenient for above 90 crore mobile users across pan India to participate  make investments in mutual funds.'
Invest Easy' Initiative..!
This new feature has been launched under the company's 'Invest Easy' initiative, which aims to use technology for making it convenient for customers to invest in mutual funds.
Mr. Sikka also said "We already have above 2.5 lakh customers under the 'Invest Easy' initiative that allows investors to transact online on the net, on their mobiles, through call center and now using SMS. A large number of our customers are already migrating to the online platform and we see this number growing exponentially through this facility. The company would strengthen its reach among small-ticket investors through this initiative."


IRCTC : Launch Deposit Scheme for faster Rail Ticket bookings

Booking a ticket through the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website is set to get easier & faster if the IRCTC's plans to set up a rolling deposit scheme (RDS) work out.
Mr. PradeepKundu, Joint General Manager, Public Relations, IRCTC, said, "Under the scheme, a user can deposit money in advance with the IRCTC & use RDS from the available payment options on the IRCTC website for paying for their tickets."

The IRCTC has proposed a one time registration fee of about Rs. 200 to Rs.250 and a minimum deposit of nearly Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000 for the service.
Users can top up their RDS account balance by using any of the available payment gateways and can also transfer money from their bank accounts to their IRCTC accounts & book tickets using that RDS account. The account can be managed and topped up online.
The IRCTC says, ''The RDS account system will be more efficient & advantageous as compared to transactions carried out through payment gateways of banks.

Mr. Pradeep Kundu also said, "Currently, after a payment option is selected, customers are redirected to the payment gateway, where they enter their card details. Subsequently, they are redirected to either the Verified by Visa or / Master Secure service, where they have to enter their password & validate the transaction. This entire process consumes a substantial amount of transaction time.

Very often, customers enter the wrong passwords & have to revalidate the transaction. When the customer is finally redirected to the IRCTC site, the session may have timed out & as a result the ticket would not have been booked.Time can be saved by using an RDS account, as the entire transaction is internal & there is no dependency on a third party payment gateway.

The RDS mode of transaction system is faster, safer & easier. Users will not only save on payment gateway charges. But will also save precious booking time by eliminating payment approval cycle. Under the RDS system, the user's dependency on banks is reduced. Even if banks go offline, IRCTC users can book tickets using their RDS account.

Key features of Rolling deposit scheme

^ User authentication:
Users of RDS will be verified & authenticated through online PAN card number verification

Secure access:
Users will have to provide transaction passwords or / PIN numbers for every booking done through RDS

Complete history:
Users will be able to check RDS transaction or /payment history. They can also change the transaction password as & when required

Easy refund:
In case of ticket cancellation, the refund will be credited to the user's RDS account the next day
"Under the scheme, a user can deposit money in advance with the IRCTC & use RDS from the available payment options on the IRCTC website for paying for their tickets."


Property Demand, Chennai Hot Area : New Report

The real estate market is sluggish in Mumbai. But, looking at the absorption rate, residential property is selling like hotcakes in other cities such as Bangalore, Chennai & Gurgaon.

The absorption rate is the number of flats (apartments) sold in a month from the available inventory in a market. It is an indicator of the demand situation in a particular real estate market.

 According to global bank JP Morgan, During the calendar year 2011, Mumbai (Including Navi Mumbai & Thane) saw 6,650 flats sold every month against 9,092 in 2010. This means, the absorption rate fell 27%.

Unsold Inventory..!

Every property market has an inventory of flats. If the absorption rate is high, the inventory gets exhausted quickly. With the absorption rate in Mumbai falling, it will take 2 years to sell the unsold inventory.

Property trends in 5 major cities are explained below:


The residential absorption rate in Chennai rose 37% in 2011. High launch activity has resulted in increased unsold inventory in the market.

Unsold inventory rose to 15 from 10 months early past year (2010). Average property prices rose 8 % to 30% in pockets from Anna Nagar to Rajeev Gandhi Salai (OMR).


The residential absorption rate in Noida fell 31% in 2011. In Greater Noida, it fell even further at 56%. This indicates a sharp slump in demand due to a weak buyer sentiment given the recent political change that could impact project approvals or / new launches.

In Greater Noida, construction progress of launched projects has also slowed down in the market due to contraction of funds by banks or /NBFCs (Non Bankig Finance Companies).
Average property prices in Noida rose 6%.

Mumbai City :

J P Morgan expects prices to correct in Mumbai only when some new residential projects are launched.

Currently, high prices are keeping buyers away. Over the last 12 month, residential prices in Mumbai have remained flat.

In pockets like central Mumbai and North Mumbai, they have increased by 10%. New project launches fell 50% during the calendar year 2011.


The residential absorption rate in Gurgaon rose 11% in 2011. This is largely due to a high launch activity in the market. Property prices in the market rose 17% during the year.

Unsold inventory in the market remains at healthy nine months of average absorption. This means the demand for houses in Gurgaon is much higher than Mumbai.


The residential absorption rate in Bangalore up 19% in 2011. This was primarily driven by large affordable launches done by reputed developers.

Price appreciation now seems to be catching up in Bangalore with completed or / nearing completion projects witnessing 10 to 15% appreciation over the past few months.

New launches in Bangalore rose 56% in 2011. Average property prices rose up to 24% across key real estate pockets during the same period.

State Bank Of India: Cut processing & Conversion Fees On housing loans

 With the advent of festival season our country India’s largest lender – SBI (State Bank Of India) has embarked upon a special campaign to ramp up its housing loan book.

It is going to reduce the processing fee for housing loans to Rs.1,000 per loan irrespective of the size. The offer would be made available from September 01 onwards

Uniform at Rs.1,000 ..!

Currently, loan processing is at 0.25% of the loan amount subject to a cap of Rs,  6,500 for loans upto Rs. 75 lakhs. For any higher loan amount, the maximum fee ceiling is Rs.10,000. 

For example, if you apply for a loan of Rs. 20 lakhs, you need to pay a processing charge of Rs.1,000. With the new offer, it will be uniform at Rs.1,000 for a housing loan. However, the offer would end on 30th November, 2012.

At the same time, the banking behemoth is actively mulling reduction in conversion fee which is presently at 1%.

For all banks, conversion fees are in the range of 0.50 % to 2%. This move, if implemented, will help the existing (SBI) hosuing loan customers, who are not entitled to get the benefit of reduced interest rates to avail of the lowered interest rates.

Let’s assume the loan size is Rs.30 lakhs and a customer has already repaid Rs.10 lakhs. Therefore, he has to pay Rs.20,000-(that is. 1% of 30 -10 =20 lakh lakhs) one time upfront for the conversion.

Earlier, SBI cut the interest rates on housing loans by over 0.50%, effective from August 7, 2012. However, it did not change the base rate (remains at 10 per cent per year), the benchmark rate below which the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) does not allow any bank to lend.

Currently, a housing loan borrower can avail of a housing loan with interest at 10.25 per cent as against 10.75 per cent prior to the rate cut, for a ticket size of Rs. 30 lakhs. The interest rate will be 10.40 per cent for home loans above Rs. 30 lakhs. The EMI on Home Loan tenor of 30 years is Rs. 897 per lakh which is the lowest in the home loan market.

Sametime, the new rates are available only to the new customers. So, a customer who had taken a loan at a higher floating rate viz. 11.25 per cent will be keen to avail the benefit of the current lower rate. So, he can convert his loan to the new rate by paying the conversion fee.

Mr. Anil Rego, CEO & founder, Rights Horizons, a Bangalore based advisory company said, "Those proposed moves by RBI will certainly benefit customers, who should tap opportunities right in time. However, the bank can't just keep on doing this beyond a point as it may hurt their margins"

With 26 per cent market share, SBI continues to be the leader in housing loan market followed by the privately held HFC (housing finance company)- HDFC .

As of July,  2012SBI's housing loan portfolio stood at about Rs. 1.06 lakh crores. Total retail loans stood at Rs 1.86 lakh crores in the April - June (2012) quarter.

List of Housing Projects..!

To facilitate housing loan borrowers, it is planning to upload the list of housing projects, approved by the bank shortly.  The bank has tied up with about 1,045 such projects across India till July in 2012-13. In order to enlist its projects, a builder has to meet certain norms prescribed by SBI.

For listed projects, the bank sanctions housing loans in 4 to 5 days while it takes about 14 days to approve a housing loan for other housing constructions. The lender offers a loan to value (LTV) of  90 per cent for housing loans upto Rs. 20 lakhs & upto 80 per cent for loans above Rs. 20 lakhs.


Real Estate Trend in Indore: From 2007 to 2012, June

NHB (National Housing Bank) data, flat prices have risen by up to about 10% in 16 major cities in India in the April to June (2012) period, while 3 towns have witnessed a marginal fall.

NHB 'RESIDEX' tracks the movement in prices of residential properties on a quarterly (3 Month) basis since 2007. The NHB RESIDEX now covers 20 cities.

The maximum increase in flat prices was observed in Pune (10.5%) followed by Bengaluru (8.7%), Patna (8.6%), Ahmedabad (6.4%) and Ludhiana (5.3%).

However, flat prices declined in Jaipur by 2.6%, Indore by 2.4% & Hyderabad by 1%.
Prices in Faridabad remained stable.

NHB Residex - Indore
NCR | Bangalore | Mumbai | Kolkata | Bhopal | Hyderabad | Faridabad | Patna | Ahmedabad | Chennai 

| Jaipur | Lucknow |Pune | Surat | Kochi | Bhubaneshwar | Guwahati | Ludhiana | Vijayawada | Indore

2012 Index
2012 Index
Zone 1
Ashok Nagar, Aerodrome Road
Zone 3
Ahilya Ashram Marg, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Sadar Bazar, Shivaji Nagar
Zone 6
Subhash Nagar
Zone 7
Vijay Nagar, Scheme No. 114
Zone 8
Goyal Vihar, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Nepania Road, Niranjanpur
Zone 9
Anup Nagar, Nanda Nagar, Race Course Road
Zone 10
Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Piplyahana, Saket Nagar
Zone 12
Khatiwala Tank
Zone 13
Annapurna Nagar, Ambikapuri Colony, Anand Nagar, AB Road, Khandwa Road, Rajendra Nagar, Vishnu Puri Main, Inder Puri
Zone 14
Kesar Bagh Road
Zone 15
Lal Bagh
City Index


Source: National Housing Bank,                                                                                                                                            Core 5-A, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003                                                                                                            (PBX) 011-2464 9031-35                                                                                                                                                               Fax : 011-2464 9030 E-mail:


Bharti AXA Life: Introduces Claims Assistance Manager

Bharti AXA Life Insurance, the private life insurance JV (joint venture) between Bharti Enterprises & AXA, the world’s largest insurance company, introduced a unique service proposition to ease pressure off claims process – CAM (Claims Assistance Manager).  A personalized service, CAMs will offer expert knowledge and guidance to enhance customer claims experience.
Claim Settlement - Complicated?
Mr. Jyoti Punja, Chief Operating Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, said, “Claim settlement is the moment of truth for any insurance customer.  A number of our researches lead us to the conclusion that customers consider claim settlement as a complicated and lengthy process.  We are sensitive of the claimant’s loss & expectation from his insurer, and hence, have introduced the Claims Assistance Manager to assist in the multi-step process.”
Every claim is unique in its conditions and therefore, requirements.  Lack of a single-window concept, to address confusion and offer expert guidance, often leads to a hassling experience for customers.  CAMs fill this requirement on an individual claimant basis.  CAMs are experienced Bharti AXA Life employees equipped with industry knowledge and well-versed in company processes.  They will be proactively involved in the claims procedure, from intimation to settlement.  The objective of the proposition is to bring clarity, offer support and provide a logical conclusion to claims.  The initiative has been activated across all branches in the country through a communication structure designed to take the service aspect to the next level.  For easy reach claimants will be contacted through SMS, emails, letters, calls and walk-ins at the branch.
Last year, Bharti AXA Life launched the ’48-hour fund claim’ campaign.  The campaign has been successful with a delivery accuracy of 99.72 per cent.  The CAMs initiative will take Bharti AXA Life a step further in the commitment to providing customers with best-in-class service.
Head Office:
Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd,
Unit 601 & 602,
6th Floor, Raheja Titanium,Off Western Express Highway,
Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063.
Chennai - Adyar
Old No 57/ 3&4 1 St Floor,KABA Plaza, Latice Bridge Road,Adyar,Chennai- 600020
Chennai - NM Road
Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co.Ltd Old No:41 New#116,2nd Floor,NM Road,Amjikarai,Chennai-600029
Coimbatore - Trichy Road
Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co.Ltd A.M.I. Midtown, No.2, 25A-4, 3rd Floor, Above Reebok Showroom,D.B Road, R.S Puram, Coimbatore - 641002
BHARTI-AXA LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD Unit No 96/3 2nd Floor.Capital Tower, Peramanur Main Road, Salem 636007
Trichy - Sea Horse Hospital
No.20 1st Floor,Above PNB,Royal Road,Cantoment,Trichy 1
Vellore - Krishna Nagar
No:19A, II Floor, Officers Line, Krishna Nagar, Vellore
You can also contact us for any queries or requests in any of the following ways.
Send a letter to the nearest Bharti AXA Life Insurance branch or mail it to Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Limited, Unit 601 & 602, 6th Floor, Raheja Titanium, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063
Send a fax to 022-40306347
Send an e-mail to
Call us at 1800-102-4444
SMS "SERVICE" to 56677

Dewa Projects Pvt Ltd: Dewa Pier20 - 605 sea facing Flats.

Dewa Pier20 is set to become a landmark on Marine Drive in Kochi.
The reason is very simple: Dewa’s unwavering commitment to quality
and strong focus on customer delight.

Established in 2005, the Rs.1,400 crore Dewa Group is spearheaded by
Mr. Venugopal Nair CMD (Chairman and Managing Director). A Mechanical
Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Mr. Nair
brings with him over 25 years of hands-on experience in developing
mega projects in India, the Middle East, and Europe.

The Dewa Group has its registered office in Thiruvananthapuram,
corporate office in Kochi & marketing offices in Chennai & Mumbai.
The first phase of Dewa Pier20 will cover 15 lakh square feet. There are
plans on the anvil for an additional 30 lakh square feet in later phases.

605 Sea Facing Flats...!

7 towering blocks.

Acres of manicured landscaping right next to the backwaters.
Your new abode on Marine Drive in Kochi offers you a range of options:

* 1,200 to 2,500 square feet - 2 & 3 BHK apartments, with a Private Garden for apartments on the 1st floor

* 4,300 to 5,150 square feet  - 4 & 5 BHK duplex penthouses with Home Theatre Room, Private Terrace Garden and Swimming Pool


Living on the first floor has its own special charm: that of a private garden adding
a delightful splash of green.

Think of those early morning bare-feet walks in your own little patch of green
glistening with dew drops. Imagine the joy of being greeted by brilliant colours
when the flowers bloom. Think of laughing children and frolicking pets. Think of
garden parties with your friends...

These are the magical and simple pleasures of life at Dewa Pier20 that you can
look forward to.


Sometimes, to be the cynosure of all eyes it is important to step above the view of others. A perfect place to achieve such an elevated state is the Penthouse.
Elegantly spread above 4,000 square feet of unabashed luxury, the penthouses at Dewa Pier20 raise gracious living to stratospheric heights.

From up here, you can expect sky gazing to become an overwhelming experience because when the stars come out, you will be the first to reach out to them.


From across this gracious Living Room, the view opens out to the ever
enchanting distance where the sea meets the sky.

Muted walls and cleverly designed corners bring in a touch of cosiness that is warm and inviting without being casually informal.

Every woman has her own view of the kind of kitchen that will serve her and her family best. After all, no two homemakers serve the same cuisine the same way; each carries an unmistakable style that’s all of one’s own.

Which is why, at Dewa Pier20, you have all the freedom and space to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it to be - classic, contemporary, or futuristic. Let your culinary art be reflected in the way you create your kitchen.
The bathrooms at Dewa Pier20 have been designed to be both beautiful and
practical. Fine quality fittings and thoughtful designs emphasise functionality as
well as a heightened sense of comfort and privacy.

Just the kind of space that busy people will find refreshing in more ways than one.


Up above, covering the 24th and 25th floors, is the Sky Club - the perfect space for those who believe in holding their heads high. This rarefied atmosphere houses a party hall and a sky lounge - definitely the most desired setting to meet the sun as it goes down.

The Sky Club at Dewa Pier20 also has an exclusive Guest House and 3-bedroom Serviced Apartments for those out-of-town guests who seek their own private space.


This ‘members only’ Sports Centre makes sure that only those with a passion for
sports enjoy their right to play their game. This centre is dedicated to the sports aficionado in you.
There are special zones for basketball, squash, tennis, swimming, and even indoor cricket. children will have every possibility to become the next Sania Mirza or Sachin Tendulkar.

There is also an equally spacious Clubhouse. This is open for the less intense
sportsperson, but one who is equally concerned about being healthy and having fun. There is a gym, a table-tennis room, and another ‘warming up’ area - the Party Hall. 25,000 square feet


Swimming in this Infinity Pool adds an exciting rush of adrenalin. The placid waters of the pool appear to seamlessly merge with the waves beyond. It’s almost like taking a dip in the sea without getting sand between your toes.


* Fountain plaza with grand water terraces
* Family pool
* 50 M lap pool with infinity edge
* Kids’ pool with interactive jets
* Wading pool
* Kids’ play area
* Sculptures
*  Trellis and pavilions
*  Mural garden
*  Cabanas
*  Water walk between infinity edges
*  Party lawn
*  BBQ area
*  Pool deck
*  Water deck
*  Private garden
*  Creche / play area
*  Grand water wall
*  Palm promenade
* Resting pavilion
* Chit-Chat corner
* Amphitheatre
* Entrance portal
* Drop off with special paving

Dewa Pier20 Site Plan

The information contained is indicative & subject to approval of competent authorities. In the endeavour to improve the project, the company reserves the right to change or alter any specification or provision of amenities without any prior notice or obligation.

T C NO 251/1497, S S Kovil Road, Thampanoor,
Trivandrum - 695001, India. Tel: +91 471 2331963, Fax: +91 471 2458760

42/108 A, Abraham Madamakkal Road, Marine Drive, Near Goshree Bridge, Kochi - 682 018, India.
Tel: +91 484 2106351, 2106352

F-73, 7th Floor, Kalpatharu Harmony,
Plot No 105/B, Sion Koliwada Road,
Near Sion MTNL. Sion (East), Mumbai - 400022, India. Tel: +91 22 24037781

No.770-A, 2nd Floor, Dewa Tower I,
Annasalai, Chennai - 02, India. Tel: +91 44 26170469

Concept and Design: NewClue Innovat ion
Development Partner

Toll free number: 1800 425 6353 SMS: Pier20 to 56677


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