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Monday, February 29, 2016

Two things to remember in life: Dedicated to all couples..!

Two things to remember in life: Dedicated to all couples..!

1. ☝ First one :
People are not so bad as seen on 'PAN-Card' and 'Aadhar Card'.
...And are not so good looking as seen in 'facebook' and 'whatsapp'. 

2. ✌ Second one :
Men are not as bad as their wives think.
...And not as good as their Mothers think.
Male criteria for life partner...
They expect their women to Look like "Miss Universe" and
Work like" Muneemma"

Females' criteria for life partner.... They expect their man to earn like ...Ambani  & behave like Manmohan Singh.
Dedicated to all couples..!

Association of Indian Forging Industry..!

Association of Indian Forging Industry..!

The Indian Forging Industry has always been a major growth driver of the Indian manufacturing sector and is one of the important industries for the success of automobile, power sector & general engineering in the country. 

The Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) is the umbrella organization of the forging Industry in India with more than 250 members across India. Its members’ products include rough forgings and/or machined parts like Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Camshafts, Shifted Fork, Steering Components, Crown Propeller Shafts, Gear Box Components; Crown Wheel and Pinions, Front Axle Beams, Rear Axle Shafts, Earth Moving Link, Railway Tyres, Flanges/Pipe Fittings, Industrial Valves etc. 

The forging industry, which is a major supplier to the auto companies and a critical industry that generates employment, has been continuously plagued with incessantly rising industrial fuel and steel prices resulting in rising input costs and shrinking margins.

AIFI has been the spokes body of the Indian Forging Industry for over four decades. It has played a major role in encouraging proactive dialogue between all the relevant stakeholders like the industry and Government (both in terms of suggestions for policy making and problem-solving), as also between the industry and the market (User industries — domestic and global.) 

Amitabh Chandra
Secretary General
101/112 Nyati Millennium, Off Nagar Road,
Viman nagar,
Pune – 411 014 (INDIA)                                                                                                                             Tele: 020 2663 4099
Fax: 020 2663 4451
Sandeep Gupta
101/112 Nyati Millennium, Off Nagar Road,
Viman nagar,
Pune – 411 014 (INDIA)                                                                                                                         Tele: 020 2663 4099
Fax: 020 2663 4451

Just Relax - How to make Rs. 5 crores in 6 months :-

How to make Rs. 5 crores in 6 months :-

1. Make a mobile manufacturing company.

2. Make an announcement that we will sell smartphone for Rs.251 delivery after 6 months.

3. Get foolish media attention (Free advertisement).

4. 50 lakh idiots will book your phone on 1st day.

5. 50 lakh * Rs.251 = Rs.125 crores.

6. Deposit 125 crores into Bank for 5 months. After six months get 125 crores + Interest approx 6 crores.

7. Return back Rs.251 to public saying "sorry we could not complete the order"

8. Go to world tour

List of top 50 Indian corporate defaulters..!

Informative and useful if anyone dealing with these entities -

List of top 50 Indian corporate defaulters for Last Quarter

1. Kingfisher Airlines Rs.2673 Crore

2. Winsome Diamond & Jewellery Co. Ltd.Rs. 2660 Crore

3. Electrotherm India Limited Rs.2211 Crore

4. Zoom Developers Private Limited Rs.1810 Crore

5. Sterling Bio Tech Limited Rs.1732 Crore

6. S. Kumars Nationwide Limited Rs.1692 Crore

7. Surya Vinayak Industries Ltd. Rs.1446 Crore

8. Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited Rs.1360 Crore

9. Forever Precious Jewellery & Diamonds Rs.1254 Crore

10. Sterling Oil Resources Ltd. Rs.1197 Crore

11. Varun Industries Limited Rs.1129 Crore

12. Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Ltd. Rs.938 Crore

13. Kemrock Industries & Exports Ltd.Rs. 929 Crore

14. Murli Industries & Exports Limited Rs.884 Crore

15. National Agricultural Co-Operative Rs.862 Crore

16. STCL Limited Rs.860 Crore

17. Surya Pharma Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 726 Crore

18. Zylog Systems (India) Limited Rs.715 Crore

19. Pixion Media Pvt. Limited 712 Crore

20. Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited Rs. 700 Crore

21. K.S. Oil Resources Ltd. Rs.678 Crore

22. ICSA (India) Ltd. Rs.646

23. Indian Technomac Co. Ltd. Rs.629 Crore

24. Century Communication Limited Rs.624 Crore
25. Moser Baer India Ltd. & Group Companies Rs.581 Crore

26. PSL Limited Rs.577 Crore

27. ICSA India Limited Rs.545 Crore

28. Lanco Hoskote Highway Limited Rs.533 Crore

29. Housing Development & Infra Ltd. Rs.526 Crore

30. MBS Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Rs.524 Crore

31. European Projects And Aviation Ltd. Rs.510 Crore

32. Leo Meridian Infra Projects Rs.488 Crore

33. Pearl Studios Pvt. Ltd. Rs.483 Crore

34. Educomp Infrastructure & School Man Rs.477 Crore

35. Jain Infraprojects Limited Rs.472 Crore

36. Kmp Expressway Limited Rs.461 Crore

37. Pradip Overseas Limited Rs.437 Crore

38. Rajat Pharma/ Rajat Group Rs.434 Crore

39. Bengal India Global Infrastructure Ltd. Rs.428 Crore

40. Sterling Sez & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Rs.408 Crore

41. Shah Alloyes Ltd. Rs.408 Crore

42. Shiv Vani Oil And Gas Exploration Limited Rs.406 Crore

43. Andhra Pradesh Rajiv Swagruha Corp. Ltd. Rs.385 Crore

44. Progressive Constructions Ltd Rs.351 Crore

45. Delhi Airport Met Ex Ltd. Rs.346 Crore

46. Gwalior Jhansi Expressway LimitedRs. 346 Crore

47. Alps Industries Limited Rs.338 Crore

48. Sterling Port Limited Rs.334 Crore

49. Abhijeet Ferrotech Limited Rs. 333 Crore

50. Sujana Universal Industries Rs.330 Crore

Total: Rs.40,528 Crore

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund: 100% paperless, Aadhaar-based e-KYC

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund  (MF)   announced the launch of a new 100% paperless, Aadhaar based eKYC facility. First-time investors to mutual funds can now complete their ‘eKYC’ formality using their Aadhaar Number.

Using the One Time Password (OTP) based method of recording customers consent for using Aadhaar data, this 100% paperless process is completed with data received from UIDAI.

The 3-step Aadhaar-based eKYC from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund allows user to transact instantaneously, upon completion of eKYC process.

This not only simplifies the process, reduces processing time drastically, but also provides great convenience to new investors across geographies who can now be KYC compliant from the comfort of their locations.

Speaking on this development, Mr. A. Balasubramanian, Chief Executive Officer, Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company said, “With eKYC, Aadhaar-based eKYC or our mobile app BSLMF FinGo, we are building a suite of options and utilities for investors to use, and engage with us with greater convenience. All our efforts of putting technological enablers in place go towards serving the investor, simplifying his experience with mutual funds – be it his search for information, transacting, or seeking service support.”

 Elaborating on the benefits of Aadhaar-based eKYC from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund he added, “Retail interest in Mutual Funds, as well as contribution from B15 markets is on the rise. Distributors can use our tools to harness this growth from interior pockets across the nation to grow their business, and the industry’s customer base.”

 Regulation mandates that users with Aadhaar-based eKYC, using the One Time Password (OTP) based method, may invest upto Rs. 50,000 per annum, per fund house. This facility is therefore a simplified and convenient on-boarding platform. Investors who wish to invest beyond this limit can do so post enhanced KYC verification                                                 

Banks Missed Call Service

Banks Missed Call Service 

1. Axis bank-------------------- 09225892258

2. Andra bank------------------ 09223011300

3. Allahabad bank-------------09224150150

4. Bank of baroda-------------09223011311

5. Bhartiya Mahila bank----- 09212438888

6. Dhanlaxmi bank----------- 08067747700

7. IDBI bank-------------------- 09212993399

8. Kotak Mahindra bank--- 18002740110

9. Syndicate bank------------ 09664552255

10. Punjab national bank---18001802222

11. ICICI bank----------------- 02230256767

12. HDFC bank-------------- 18002703333

13. Bank of india------------- 02233598548

14. Canara bank------------- 09289292892

15. Central bank of india-- 09222250000

16. Karnataka bank-------- 18004251445

17. Indian bank-------------- 09289592895

18. union bank of india---- 09223009292

19. UCO bank---------------- 09278792787

20. Vijaya bank--------------- 18002665555

21. Yes bank------------------ 09840909000.

22. State Bank of india- Get the balance via IVR
1800112211 and 18004253800                                                  

23. Corporation bank------- 092-688-92688.                                                  

24. South Indian Bank----- 092 23 008488

Sunday, February 28, 2016

UTI Mutual Fund Fixed Term Income Fund - Series XXIV - VI (1181 Days), a close ended income scheme

UTI Mutual Fund has launched a new fund named as UTI Fixed Term Income Fund - Series XXIV - VI (1181 Days), a close ended income scheme. 

The duration of the scheme is 1181 days from the date of allotment. The New Fund Offer (NFO) price for the scheme is Rs 10 per unit. The new issue will be open for subscription only on 01 March 2016.

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns by investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities maturing on or before the date of maturity of the scheme.

The scheme offers growth option, quarterly dividend option with payout and reinvestment facility, flexi dividend option with payout and reinvestment facility, annual dividend option with payout and reinvestment facility and maturity dividend option with payout facility.

The scheme would allocate 80%-100% of assets in debt instruments with low to medium risk profile and invest upto 20% of assets would be allocated to money market instruments with low risk profile. The minimum application amount is Rs 5000 and in multiples of Rs 10 under all the options.

The fund seeks to collect a minimum subscription (minimum target) amount of Rs 20 crore under the scheme during the NFO period.

Entry and exit load charge will be nil for the scheme.

Benchmark Index for the scheme is CRISIL Composite Bond Fund Index.

Sunil Patil is the fund manager for the scheme.

Saturday, February 27, 2016



*  As per Indian Income Tax Act, Income is taxable under five (5) heads- 

1. Salary
2. House Property
3.  Business or / Profession
4. Capital Gain and 
5. Other Sources.

* Salaried person must obtain Form 16 from his Employer Every Year.

* Income Tax Return should be filed by considering Form 16 and other Income.

* Transport Allowance is exempt up to Rs.1,600 per month.

Home Loan..!

* 30% Standard deduction is available on Income from House /home Property.

* Income to be considered as deemed let out on IInd House property.

* For self-occupied house property, deduction of Interest on Home Loan is allowed up to Rs. 2 lac and for other house property actual
expenditure of Interest on Home Loan is allowed.

* Repayment of Principal amount of Home Loan is deductible under section 80C upto Rs.1.5 lac.

* Tax Audit is compulsory if sales turnover exceeds Rs.1 crore in case of business.

Tax Audit is compulsory if the Gross Receipts of Professionals exceeds Rs.25 lakhs.

If sales turnover is below Rs. 1 crore, then net profit of 8% or higher is to be taken as business income otherwise tax audit is required.

* The Due Date for Tax Audit and income Tax Return is 30th September.

* Assessee other than Company and those eligible for Tax Audit are required to file Income Tax Return before 31st of July. 

* Accurate Stock Valuation should be done on 31st of March.

* Cash payment should not be made to a person in single day exceeding Rs.20,000.

* Cash Payment limit for Transporters is Rs.35,000.

* Loans, deposits and Immovable Properties transactions should
not be carried out above Rs.20,000 in cash.

*. Business loss can be carried forward to Next 8 Years.

* Tax Audit applicable assesses should deduct TDS on particular

* TDS should be made on the date of Credit or Payment basis of whichever
is earlier.

* TDS payment should be made on or before 7th day of Next Month.

* TDS Returns are to be filed Quarterly.

* TDS returns can be revised any number of times.

* TDS should be deducted and paid if applicable.

* If TDS is not deducted then deduction of 30% of Expenditure
is not allowed.

* Late filling of TDS return attracts late filing fees of Rs.200 per day.

Capital Gain
* Long Term Capital Gain will arise if transfer of specified Capital
Assets is made after 3 years.

* Generally Long Term Capital Gains is taxable at 20%

* STT paid Long Term Capital Gain on Shares, etc is exempt from Tax.

*. Short Term Capital Gain is Taxable at 15% if STT is paid.

* Capital Gain on Immovable Properties is chargeable at Stamp
Duty Value or Selling Price whichever is higher.

* Dividend received from domestic company is exempt from Tax.

* Agricultural Income is exempt from Tax.

* Gifts received form stranger of an Amount exceeding Rs.50,000 is taxable.

* Income Tax is not chargeable on Gifts received at the time of Marriage, Will, and in case of Succession and from specified relatives.

* Maximum deduction limit under section 80C, 80CCC and 80 CCD is Rs.1.5l ac.

Medical Insurance Premium 

* Deduction of Medical Insurance Premium is available up to Rs. 25,000.

* Deduction of Medical Insurance Premium paid for Parents is available up to Rs. 20,000.

* Deduction limit of Interest earned on Saving Accnt is up to Rs.10, 000.

* Income earned by a Minor child is clubbed in the hands of Parents.

* Every Taxpayer should verify his Form 26AS.

* Form 26AS provides the Information regarding the TDS, Advance Tax paid and details of refund.

* Notice may be sent to the Taxpayer if the Income mentioned in Form 26AS and the Income Tax Return filed is having difference.

* Basic Exemption Limit for individuals for FY 2015-16 is Rs.2.5 lac

* Basic Exemption Limit for Senior Citizen i.e. above 60 years age is Rs.3,00,000.

*  Basic Exemption Limit for Super Senior Citizen i.e. above 80 years age is Rs.5 lac.

*  Advance Tax is to be paid if Tax Liability during the year exceeds Rs. 10,000.

*  12% of Surcharge is applicable if Income Exceeds Rs. 1 Crore.

*  Income Tax Return should be filed if Income exceeds Basic Exemption Limit.

*  30% of Tax applicable on Income of Partnership Firm, Company, LLP etc.

*  For Companies – Minimum Alternate Tax and for other Assesses
– Alternate Minimum Tax rate is 18.5%.

*  Details of all Bank Accounts have to be given in Income Tax return.

*  Passport number is required to be given in Income Tax return.

Relief of Rs.2,000 in Tax.

*  Detail of Fixed Assets held in Foreign Country is required to be given in Income Tax return.

*  If taxable income of Individual is less than Rs. 5 Lakhs then relief of Rs.2,000 is available in Tax.

*  Aadhar Card No. is required to be mentioned in Income Tax return.

* E-filling of return is compulsory if income exceeds Rs. 5 lakhs.

* In Income Tax, E-filling of return can be done for Previous 2 Years only.

* PAN Card is essential for Taxpayer and it should not be used as Id Proof.

* From FY 2014-15 Depreciation is to be calculated as per New Companies Act.

* Domestic Transfer Pricing is applicable on transaction exceeding an Amount Rs.20 Crores.

Detailed information of Income Tax is available on



1. Body gets purified...

2. Breath gets purified...

3. Mind gets purified...

4. Intellect gets purified...

5. Memory gets purified...

6. Ego gets purified...

7. Self gets purified...

8. Food gets purified...

9. Wealth gets purified...

10. Feelings gets purified...
      by LOVE

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Chennai On 28.02.2016

 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and Naanyam Vikatan  Meeting i 

Event to be held at Chennai On 28.02.2016


Mr. V. Nagappan, Share Market Expert

Head : Investor
Education - Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.

Chief Trainer, 
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.

Chinmaya Heritage Centre
Tapovan Hall
No.2, 13th Avenue,
 Harrington Road, 
Chennai - 600031, 
Phone - 044 - 28365220

Reliance Mutual fund and Naanyam Vikayan Puducherry on 28.02.2016

 Reliance Mutual fund and Naanyam Vikayan Puducherry 

Event to held at Pondy on 28.02.2016


Mr. Suresh Parthasarathy 

- Mutual Fund Analyst and Financial Planner)

Mr.B. Padamanaban

 (Mutual Fund Expert)

Time 10 am to 1 pm 
Venue :
104, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Road
Puducherry - 605001

Affordable Housing: India’s Challenge Of Disordered Urbanization

Affordable Housing: 
India’s Challenge Of Disordered Urbanization

by Mr. Manish Kumar, JLL India

About 377 million people from India’s total population of 1.21 billion are urban dwellers. With more than 10 million people migrating to cities and towns every year, the total urban population is expected to reach about 600 million by 2031. Furthermore, between 2015 and 2031, the pace of urbanisation is likely to increase at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.1%, which is estimated to be almost double that of China.

The problem is further compounded as there are only a few urban centres in India that promise better prospects than rest of the cities and towns – leading to much more pressure on their infrastructure and housing – and resulting in disordered urbanization. Disordered urbanisation is reflected in almost 65.5 million Indians who, according to the country’s 2011 Census, live in urban slums and sprawls.

‘Hidden’ Urbanization

In addition, according to the World Bank’s Agglomeration Index, a globally applicable alternative measure of urban concentration, the share of India’s population living in areas with urban-like features in 2010 was 55.3%. This compares to an official urban share of the population of just over 31%, suggesting the existence of considerable hidden urbanisation. This hidden urbanisation, particularly on the peripheries of major cities, is mostly not captured by official statistics, and is symptomatic of the failure to adequately address congestion constraints that arise from the pressure of urban populations on infrastructure, basic services, land, housing, and the environment.

Given this scenario, it becomes critical to fill the existing gaps in the country’s strained urban infrastructure and in particular, housing. As per Economic Survey of India, EWS (economically weaker sections) and LIG (lower income groups) together account for 95.6% percent of urban housing shortage in the country, and it would be important to address the need of this significant segment of population.
Manish Kumar, JLL India

Amid the growth of urbanisation, the housing shortage in India has touched 18.78 million units. Approximately 56% of households in urban India now have four or less members, which is a marked change in Indian housing sector in the past 10 years. This trend has significantly increased the demand for housing in the urban context with the growth of smaller families.

Interestingly, it is to be noted that although India’s number of households increased by 60 million between 2001 and 2011, the number of houses went up by almost 81 million over the same period. Despite this, the latest official Economic Survey states that there is a shortage of nearly 20 million homes in India. One reason for this is that most builders are catering only to the middle income and affluent population in India and home prices have gone beyond the reach of many during past decade.

Challenges Galore

While the supply side constraints for low cost and affordable housing include lack of availability of land and finance at reasonable rates, the demand drivers include the growing middle class and growing urbanisation. Real estate developers, private players in particular, have primarily targeted luxury, high-end and upper-mid housing segment owing to the higher returns that can be gained from such projects. In addition, several structural issues, such as the high gestation period of housing projects, limited and expensive capital, spiralling land and construction costs, high fees and taxes as well as unfavourable development norms are bottlenecks restricting the desired growth in housing stock in India.

The Road Ahead

The government has acknowledged the importance of the housing issues in the country in the current five-year plan. Smart cities programme is another attempt to improve the situation in urban areas. However, the solution to affordable housing crisis would be focussed efforts on land and housing policy reforms, delegation of power to urban local bodies, fostering innovative housing finance and steps for reduction in project costs and schedule overruns.

Additionally, planned urbanisation and other initiatives of government should ensure that towns and cities are free from slums and simultaneously provide for adequate opportunities for gainful employment as also an optimum quality of life to all citizens, including the marginalised sections of society. If, and when, this happens will be important to see.

About the author..!
 Mr.  Manish Kumar, Managing Director - Strategic Consulting, JLL India

For media Contact
Mr. Arun Chitnis
Head – Corporate Communications & Media Relations
JLL India
Pune 411001.
Tel: (020) 30930441 Fax: (020) 40196101
Mob: +91 9657129999
Twitter: @JLLIndia

If you want to Trade in Stocks : New SEBI rule . Just Relax


New SEBI rule ...




(4) Medical Fitness certificate.

Must, If you  want to Trade in Stocks

Gold was a valueless asset - Warren Buffett

Gold was a valueless asset - Warren Buffett

Gold was a valueless asset: it is intrinsically worthless. It is priced high simply because a lot of people believe that it has value. -  Billionaire Warren Buffett

The fact is that gold crashed from $ 850 in January 1980 to about $ 300 in 1985, eventually bottoming out at $ 257 in late 2001.

Why We Need Accident Insurance?

Why We Need Accident Insurance?

S Karthikeyan, FChFP
Insurance & Investment Consultant.
GF B.Sai Kripa Apts.,,
37,Tharamani 100 ft.Rd,,
Velachery,Chennai - 600 042
Tel : 044 - 2243 5757 / Mob: 98400 40041 

Financial Record Keeping ..


Financial Record Keeping ..

Life is very unpredictable and many aspects of the future are beyond our control. However, you can take a few precautions to limit the impact of unforeseen situations on the life of your loved ones. 
In case of accident, if you get injured (or dead), it is extremely necessary for your family to have complete and detailed information of your finances.
Here is a plan to keep your financial records handy for your family and make your loved ones emergency-ready.
  1. Prepare a list..!
Jot down your all-inclusive emergency list which should contain information about the important documents and where they have been kept.
You can include information like location of Safety deposit box key, Birth certificate, Bank accounts’ details, Credit and debit cards, Investment details and relevant information. 
Do not forget to mention the places where you have kept Home/Property deeds, Income tax returns, life insurance policies, and such important documents.  It is advisable to have a safety locker in the bank, so all the documents can be found at one place itself.
  1. Organizing financial information..!
Informing your family where you have kept all financial documents is just first half of the story. It is equally important to keep the information is kept systematically in an organized manner. 
Understanding finance is quite a tough job. If all the documents are properly filed, then only your family will be able to understand it correctly. 
Arrange your documents chronologically or alphabetically. Keep all relevant information in one file. Example The file of income tax returns should also have the information of your CA, so your family can contact him/her, in case of any confusion.
If possible, scan all your important documents and name them properly. Segregate these documents in appropriate folders and save them on your email and hard drive.
  1. Handing over the information..!
You should hand over your financial information in a very right manner and to a right person. It could cost you a lot if the wrong person gets access to your financial information. You can hand over the list to a third party like attorney or trust.
No one likes mishaps in the life, but they do happen sometimes. All we can do is be prepared and ensure that our family is able to overcome such situations and live a happy life. Making this emergency list is a first step in ensuring that our family can handle finances strongly even in our absence. 
So, start maintaining your proper financial records today.

LYF presents Wind 6 & Flame 1 : Entry-level True 4G Smartphones from Reliance Retail

LYF presents Wind 6 & Flame 1
Entry-level True 4G Smartphones from Reliance Retail

Hyderabad, 27 February 2016: Reliance Retail has introduced its entry level range of LYF smartphones, LYF Wind 6 and LYF Flame 1. The two devices represent one of the most affordable and superior entry-level smartphones in the Indian market.

The entry level range from LYF is made unique by the fact that all these devices come equipped with cutting edge technology such as VoLTE and VoWi-Fi, which will deliver a True 4G experience when used on a VoLTE supporting network.

LYF Wind 6 and LYF Flame 1 come attractively priced, in the sub-Rs. 7000 category and are everyone’s gateway to a Digital Life. VoLTE and VoWi-Fi features, implying Voice over Long-Term Evolution and Voice over Wi-Fi, will ensure a True 4G experience for the user when used on a VoLTE network.

With Wind 6 and Flame 1, everyone can experience HD-quality voice and video calls, multi-party voice and video conferencing, Wi-Fi calling, high-speed Internet, and seamless switching of a call from the service provider’s network to any available Wi-Fi network.

Both Wind 6 and Flame 1 come with a superior Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset and 1 GB RAM. Both the devices feature a 5MP front camera, apart from a 5MP rear camera, with special modes such as blink detection, smile detection, etc. A complimentary transparent back cover makes for an attractive proposition.

Flame 1 is designed for allowing ‘perfect selfies every time’. The front camera is also slated to make for a great video calling experience. It is available in four vibrant colours – white, black, dark blue, and dark red.
Wind 6 has a 5-inch IPS Display, 1 GB RAM, Premium gloss finish, compact design, and is designed to suit all your communication needs. It is available in white, black, and gold colours.

About LYF:
LYF smartphones is a range of True 4G devices from Reliance Retail designed to bring the latest 4G technologies to consumers in India. The entire LYF range is VoLTE-enabled, which will deliver a true 4G experience, a move that is unprecedented in terms of the technology revolution to be expected across price points. The brand allows consumers to stay on top of technological advancement with HD voice and video calls over VoLTE & Wi-Fi, multi-party audio and video conferencing, superfast downloads and seamless switching between voice and video calls. The range of LYF smartphones includes 4 series namely Earth, Water, Wind and Flame from the Elements Collection.
LYF is about design excellence with smart, elegant looks and a simple user interface, and powerful features that make for a fantastic user experience. Be it at work or home or on the go, LYF lets you be yourself.

For further information please contact: M. Venkat Reddy, Mobile: 8106448866,

NSE announces formation of Listing Committee

NSE announces formation of Listing Committee (LC)

Mumbai: India’s leading stock exchange NSE is on course to list. The Board of NSE has formed a Listing Committee, comprising Board members, shareholders and management representatives to accelerate the process of listing and to assist the MD&CEO in implementing the same. 

Formation of the committee was decided in the last Board meeting. The Board had authorized Ms. Chitra Ramkrishna, MD& CEO to induct members in the committee apart from shareholder representatives who are currently not represented on the Board.
Ms. Chitra Ramkrishna, MD& CEO NSE India.
Significantly, the listing committee will interact with the shareholders and will engage constructively to proceed on the restructuring exercise simultaneously with self-listing agenda. It will take their assurances to support the NSE’s principled stand that an exchange should continue to be regulated by an appropriate regulator only and not by competitors. "We are committed to take the listing of the country's most trusted bourse to the exchange platform. Understanding of critical issues and a constructive dialogue is important to reach this milestone in stipulated timelines. I am sure Listing Committee will play a pivotal role to chart out this process", said Ms. Chitra Ramkrishna, MD & CEO, NSE.

As soon as the above objectives are assessed, the LC will present its formal report to the Stakeholders Relations Committee (SRC) for its review and onward approval by Board. The committee will also have common nominees to advice on legal, regulatory, government matters and also for getting feedback from shareholders.

 About The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE) 

 In its 20 years of existence, NSE has transformed the capital market, based on technology, innovation, high standards of corporate governance and management practices. NSE's business practices and high level of integrity have earned it the trust of the financial markets worldwide. Besides being a platform of choice for all exchange traded financial products in India, NSE's flagship index, Nifty50 is used extensively by investors in India and around the world as a barometer the of Indian capital markets. Since inception, the exchange has been covered extensively by global media and has won many accolades in recognition of its contribution in reforming the Indian securities market. For more information, please visit:

For more details, contact:

Arindam Saha
Head - Corporate Communications
Mobile: 09930019202 | 09903036100
Direct: 022 – 2659 8164

Twitter: @NSEIndia 

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