UTI Dynamic Bond Fund, outperformed the benchmark, CRISIL Composite Bond Fund Index across time horizons.

UTI Dynamic Bond Fund

UTI Dynamic Bond Fund is well positioned to take advantage of the prevailing uncertainty in the markets. It endeavours to generate optimal returns with adequate liquidity through active management of the portfolio. 

The fund is being managed dynamically with active and more frequent duration calls in order to generate alpha in line with the evolving interest rate scenario. It has the ability to reduce maturity when interest rates are rising, thereby preserving capital and can generate the attractive returns of an Income Fund when interest rates are declining.
Mr. Amandeep Chopra, Head of Fixed Income, UTI AMC said, “Post the rate-cut, RBI is going to focus on transmission through a slew of tools and policies. Going ahead, we think that the monetary easing which is being sought to ensure a neutral liquidity in the system will help to some extent in the transmission. So, further rate cuts are not going to lead to any further increase in credit off take and at the same time will help keep the deposit growth rate stable. In this scenario, funds having the ability and flexibility to tap opportunities across the yield curve, like UTI Dynamic Bond Fund would benefit the investors.”

This fund can form part of an investor’s strategic debt allocation to build a balanced portfolio. 

The fund has outperformed the benchmark, CRISIL Composite Bond Fund Index across time horizons. The fund has generated a return of 9.32% against benchmark returns of 8.19% since inception (as March 31, 2016)


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