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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drive Safe This Monsoon with

Drive Safe This Monsoon with
Monsoon is that one season that doesn’t let anyone be indifferent to it. You either love it, or you hate it. And one of the highlights of monsoons is – driving! You might be the person who is waiting for the rains and can’t wait to head out for that long drive by the scenic route near your city or you might the one who is dreading the daily commute to work, fighting the traffic that just seems to magically double as the rains start.

Whether you are a romantic or a skeptic of the season, there are a few things to keep in mind while taking your vehicle out during the rainy season. This Monsoon drive safe with’s curated store.

Description: Description: C:\Users\parvathi.nair\Documents\Amazon\Press releases\June\Monsoon Auto\wheele.PNGMost Important - Tyres

Tyres and tubes are one of the most critically important parts of a vehicle. Good tyres guarantee a safe and comfortable ride by giving good traction, steering and braking performance and absorbing road shocks. Monsoons are synonymous with slippery roads and hence it is crucial for car and bike owners to maintain the tyres of their vehicles during this season.


No matter your age or experience as a biker, you need a helmet. While helmets act as protective gears, they are also an expression of your fashion sense. Today, you get helmets of varying styles and design. stocks a wide variety of helmets such as full face helmet, open face helmet, flip-up, half helmets etc. all of which come in interesting colors and graphics to showcase your personality.

Rain suite and windbreakers are an integral part of riding in the rain. Enjoy your ride and reach your destination clean and dry! Good gloves are just as important as raincoats as they help you maintain your grip on your bike. Choose from an array of interesting designs from

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All the true bikers out there know the importance of Mud flaps and fenders. Protect your feet and your bike from dirt and puddles by installing Mud flaps on your bike. Fenders also protect you against gravel and loose stones that might fly up due to the motion of the wheel.

Serious Bikers know that riding in heavy rain reduces visibility and hence it is important to purchase powerful head light and back lights for the bikes. Enhance your ride with colorful LED lights from that turn on automatically when the wheels are in motion.


                                 Wiper Blades and Fog lights
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Summers generally leave the wiper blades dry and cracked. This causes a problem during the rains when you realize that the old wiper blades are leaving your windshield scratched, lowering your visibility. At the advent of rains, you need to check the existing blades to determine if you need new ones.

Just like Wiper blades, fog lights are essential to help with visibility during bad weather and dim lit conditions.

No matter how much you try, muddy feet in the car are unavoidable during the monsoons. Keep your car clean with anti-skid, water proof car mats!

Avoid getting your car muddy while reducing splash area for others on the road by installing Mud flaps!


Finding it difficult to maintain your car’s aesthetics with all the dust, pollution and the traffic around? Find a complete range of automobile care products on to keep your vehicle clean and comfortable. From bike and car covers to cleaning supplies and windshield liquids, Amazon India makes it easy for you to shop online for a wide range of automobile accessories online. Find an exhaustive collection of quality accessories and merchandises from leading brands such as Meguiar’s, 3M, and Formula 1 that work together to fit your car’s requirement perfectly on also stores a variety of other useful car accessories that you might need for a full-fledged maintenance of your vehicle. You can get tyre pressure monitors and valve gauge indicators to warn you when your tyre pressure is low. Inflate your flat tyre in minutes using tyre compressors from well-known brands. To keep your wheels from getting dirty, try the wheel sealants. You can also shop for wooden brushes, microfiber gloves, tubeless tyre puncture kits, customised stepney covers and much more by browsing the section on car and motorbike accessories.

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