Seven Best Free Antivirus

Seven Best Free Antivirus  Seven Best of 2017

These security software offer real-time protection and scans for malicious malware
The new year brought with it a fresh raft of threats to your security online. But top-quality protection for your PC need not cost you a bomb. Many of the top developers of premium security software also offer free antivirus that offers excellent protection.

In exchange, all you have to ensure is, your free antivirus is running all the time and live with some annoying pop-up notifications.


Fast, effective and discreet ­ Avira is the best free anti virus for Windows Avira Free Antivirus is the slickest, cleanest and least system intensive antivirus package you can have.

 It does not install a host of other packages (including a secure browser, VPN and safe search plugin) by default, although they're there if you want them. However, it is not the glossiest package, and the install process is a bit preemptive.


Superb antivirus with a clear interface, AVG is a great choice for your home AVG Antivirus Free is reasonably quick to scan after the first initial pass, and the interface ignoring the Zen bit of it ­ is clear and easy to use.

Combine it with the mobile app and you can set it to scan and disinfect a machine without having to be close to it, which is a feature you won't know you need until it's too late.


This antivirus uses the power of the cloud to take the load off your com puter Although Panda Free Antivirus claims to be the world's lightest antivirus -off loading much of the processing work that would normally be done by your PC to the cloud -it is slightly slower than Avira.

It scans quite quickly, and it's simple enough in its presen tation for even the most technophobic user to find their way around.

Serious security software for Windows, Comodo Free Antivirus pulls no punches This is among the hardestnosed free antivirus packages out there. It features a `default deny' mode, which essentially blocks every single program that's not on its whitelist -if you let something through and your machine becomes infected, it's going to be your fault.

There's cloud scanning, so it theoretically keeps up with the latest found threats and automatically updates all users based on the newest discoveries.


Robust virus and malware protection from the godfa ther of firewalls Back in the past, when the internet was young, ZoneAlarm was the leading free firewall.
It's therefore no surprise that ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus includes a firewall by default ­ a rare feature among its ilk. 

It's a big plus, at least if you're not competent in using Windows's own firewall.It's easy to configure and offers interesting insights into the traffic coming to and from your PC.


A cloud-based security supplement to install alongside your antivirus software The Immunet AntiVirus is a tiny cloud-based free security app that's designed to run either indepen dently or alongside your existing antivirus software.

The former option isn't, perhaps, the best one. It's based on collective immunity, meaning the more people use it and report back with threats, the stronger its protection becomes.


A beefed-up antivi rus suite with multi ple scanning engines to pick up threats Rolling in on a huge wave of bombast --over 52 bil lion threats thwarted in 2014 comes Qihoo's 360 Total Security, which is mainly getting its figures from the third-party engines it uses to scan your PC.

However, it eats more system resources than the rest. It scans slowly, but it passes .widespread virus tests with flying colours -Agencies

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