Zerodha - Money lessons - Finance made easy for kids..!

Zerodha - Money lessons for tiny tots..

Teaching money skills to little children is not easy because it is a boring subject and they easily lose interest. But a set of books brought out by brokerage firm Zerodha might help inculcate financial literacy in a fun manner.

The 5 book series has stories that focus on key financial concepts such as the importance of saving, the impact of inflation and the need for banks. There is also a story that explains the concept of insurance, the role of taxes and how the stock markets work.

Children aged 7 to 10 years will find these books interesting as well as informative.

A spokes person of Zerodha said the company is committed to spreading financial literacy among children. In the pipeline are a series of books for older children in the age groups of 10 to 15 years and 16 to 19 years.


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