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Saturday, June 24, 2017

ICICI Prudential Life launches Heart Protect, Cancer Protect

ICICI Prudential Life launches Heart Protect,  Cancer Protect

 Product Features:

      Provides lumpsum payouts on being 
diagnosed with a Heart or Cancer condition

         Waiver of all future premiums on being 
diagnosed with a Heart or Cancer condition
   Increasing cover feature helps to keep pace with rising medical costs

Income replacement and hospitalisation benefit in addition to lumpsum payout

Very affordable – Rs.100 per month for a Cancer cover of Rs.20 lakh or a Heart cover of Rs.10 lakh'

ICICI Prudential Life launched ICICI Pru Heart / Cancer Protect. The unique feature of this product is that it pays part of the insurance cover amount to the customer on diagnosis of a Heart ailment or Cancer. Thus, the customer gets the necessary financial support and freedom to choose the best available treatment to address the medical condition.

Even after the payment on diagnosis, the policy continues without the customer having to pay any future premiums.

Customers have the flexibility to choose the type of cover, either for Heart or Cancer or have the option to purchase both covers.

Heart ailments and Cancer together account for over 50% of casualties among Indians. Medical research suggests that India has the highest rate of cardiac arrests1 in the world and it is estimated that 2 lakh heart surgeries are conducted every year. Cancer cases are expected to rise by 25%2 by 2020. Every 13th new cancer patient is from India3.

Today, with state of the art medical facilities available, both Heart disorders and Cancer can be effectively treated, if detected early and the patient has the required financial resources to get appropriate medical intervention.

The Heart / Cancer Protect product has been designed to enable customers to meet the costs of treating these conditions. The fact that the payment is made on diagnosis means that the individual has the freedom to choose the right kind of treatment at the right time.
It also comes with an add-on benefit called income replacement which provides 1% of the insurance cover as monthly payments to the customer. This will offset any temporary loss of income which an individual may have to face, while undergoing the medical treatment.

Heart / Cancer Protect also offers customers the option of increasing the amount of cover every year. This feature is meant to help keep pace with the ever rising cost of medical treatment.

The affordability aspect makes the product attractive. For as low as Rs.100/-4 per month a customer can get a Cancer cover for Rs.20 lakh or a Heart cover for Rs.10 lakh.

Mr. Puneet Nanda, Executive Director, said “Protecting Health and Life is crucial for every working individual with responsibilities. While we urge individuals to lead a healthy way of life, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, negligence towards dietary habits etc. are responsible for the growing number of cases of Heart ailments and Cancer.”

He further added that “The key to fighting these conditions is early detection and timely treatment. Very often patients do not get appropriate or complete treatment due to financial constraints. We do understand the impact of such diseases on the family – both emotionally and financially. The lumpsum payout feature of the Heart / Cancer Protect product gives customers the flexibility to choose the course of treatment they want. The features of this product have been specifically designed to provide customers with the necessary financial resources to win the battle against these ailments. To ensure easy accessibility, the product is available for purchase on our website as well as across all our distribution channels.”

1.     Source: World Health Organization
2.     Source: Indian Council for Medical Research
3.     Source: National Cancer Institute (US Dept. of Health and Human Services)
4.     For a 30 year old non-smoking male with a policy term of 20 years

About ICICI Prudential life insurance

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd. (ICICI Prudential Life) is a joint venture between ICICI Bank Ltd. and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited which is a part of an international financial services group headquartered in United Kingdom.

ICICI Prudential Life was amongst the first private sector insurance companies to begin operations in December 2000. The Company has maintained its leadership position, on a Retail Weighted Received Premium basis (RWRP) among private life insurers. The Company offers products across the categories of Protection and Savings that fulfil the different life stage needs of customers.

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