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Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Liquor Ban Real Estate Story – Highway To Hell?

The Liquor Ban Real Estate Story – Highway To Hell?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling banning the sale of liquor from establishments located within 500 meters of the National and State highways, an ew realestate dynamicisatplay. F&B out lets located within mall sandstand alone restaurants located along‘ within city limits’ highways.

Liquor shops and bars located along national and state high ways beyond the urban jurisdiction of thecity

In the category of organized F&B players with establishments located within urban jurisdictions in cities like Gurgaon, ingenuous methods to increase the distance from the highway have been arrived at.

In the rest of Maharashtra, the government has received proposals from Jalgaon, Laturand Yavatmalmunicipal corporations seeking to de-notification of highways, which have been approved.

In Pune, however, the municipal corporation has not yet sought to de-notify key highways. In this city, while some restaurants continue to function without liquor along the Mumbai-Pune expressway, some others are relocating to areas beyond the 500-meter limit because going ‘dry’ is simply not an option. 

The challenge is to maintain visibility and accessibility to transiting customers despite moving further inside the city. Hotels close to IT business hubs in Hinjewadiand Kharadiare most impacted.

In Bangalore, hotels located on the outskirts of the city are understandably far from happy. In Tamil Nadu, the de-notification of Anna Salai in Chennai as a state highway is likely.

The natural question of what happens to the upkeep of the all these highways post de-notification arises, and this is still a big question mark…

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Maharashtra notified the rules for the new housing regulator that rolls out on May 1 even as more than half of the states are yet to come out with final norms.

The Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA), will hold developers accountable for delays and gives the regulator the power to impose penalties. The first set of rules announced by Maharashtra largely follow the central Act. Investment sentiment improving

Xanderacquires 100 percent stake in Shriram'sGateway SEZ in Chennai for USD 190 million.

The uncontrollable air pollution levels in NCR have impacted the regions realty landscape, making it less attractive for home buyers.

India $30-40 Billion Green Building Market Opportunity Outlook 2020 according to  "India Green Building Market Opportunity Outlook 2020"

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