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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vastushastra for Health..!

Vastushastra for Health..!

Vastushastra positively influences the health of human beings. According to basic principles of Vastushastra, it is based on five fundamental elements, air, water, fire, earth and space.

According to Ayurveda, the combination of the five fundamental elements further creates three bio-elements: the Vaat, Pitta and Kapha.Vaat is the combination of the elements of air and space. Pitta is the combination of the elements of water and fire. Whereas Kapha is the of combination of earth and water.

Air element is connected with breathing and is associated with NorthWest region and any defect in this region leads to health problems associated with chest, lungs, ENT, kidney function and excretory system of the body .
Water element is associated with North East region and defects in this region leads to health complaints related to blood.

Fire element is associated with South East and manifests through acidity, digestive system and its functioning, eyesight and gynaecological matters.
Earth element is associated with South West region and skin, bones are its manifestations in the human body.

Repetitive complaints of skin, bones and dental occur due to serious or multiple vastu defects in SW region.

Space element is associated with middle region of the premises which is also known as the Brahma region. In case of human body , the naval portion represents space element or in other words, Brahma region.
Health complaints associated with stomach, naval portion can be reflection of vastu defects of Brahma region.

Hospitals if designed as per Vastushastra, will ensure natural, pleasant and hygienic atmosphere which in turn will result in rapid recovery of patients.
Vasturaviraj has immense experience in designing small, medium as well as super specialty or / mega hospitals.

At the same time in case of existing hospitals, following vastu analysis, it is very easy for us at Vasturaviraj to predict nature of problems or reasons for setbacks faced by those hospitals without any briefing from hospital owners or authorities.

We strongly request all to refer us cases of such hospitals. We are confident to bring them out of non-performing condition.

Over a career of 19 years, hundreds of ailing Pharma units have been successfully brought out of dark and transformed into profitmaking blue chip companies by Vasturaviraj.

It's a proven track record of Vasturaviraj that any Pharma manufacturing unit, if it performs below its installed capacity, or may be plagued with industrial relations, or failures on various fronts of operation, finance and business performance, have been brought into success zone without structural changes but with the help of time tested reliable and remedial meas ures of Vasturaviraj.

In case of residential vastu, Vasturaviraj has published a research paper based on studies of thousands of residential premises, through which we have established that if there are vastu de fects in North-East region, nature of health problem will be minor but more frequent.

If there are vastu defects in North-East and South-East region then the nature of health problem is serious and predominant in females. Staircase in North-East may cause cardiac problems to male persons in the family .

Effect of Vastushastra is significant and any vastu defect in all types of prem ises can be neutralised through remedial measures without structural changes.
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For more details: call at 92095 22522 or 022-6784760 00106 (Mumbai) or 020-25511 03332 (Pune).
Jul 22, 2017
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