Pakodanomics isn't working in India..

Mr. Vivek Kaul, with some harsh truths to share...
India is one of the most unequal economies in the world, and it's getting worse. Without wealth "trickling down" to the common man, India's economic future will be bleak.
In 2017, the Indian economy created 2 million new jobs, but according to the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy, 11.5 million job-seekers entered the market.
Modi puts a lot of faith in India's entrepreneurs to create jobs, recently saying: "if a person selling pakodas earns Rs 200 at the end of the day, will it be considered employment or not?"
But here's the problem, nearly 40% of Indians are already self-employed.
Pakodanomics isn't working there are no easy solutions.

From Equitymaster Conference, 2018  


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