The Best Days of India Are Ahead of Us

The Best Days of Our Country Are Ahead of Us

From Equitymaster Conference 
Mr. Ramesh Damani, the "Nawab of D-Street."
Mr.Ramesh joined the market in 1989 when the BSE's Sensex was about 600. At the time, you could buy and control huge parts of Indian industry for barely anything. 
For example, in the 2000s you could have bought almost 90% of India's alcohol industry for just $ 200m.
Young people growing up in the USA don't have the same investment opportunities as young Indians today.
According to a very successful and wealthy investor friend, the best decade to invest in India is right now. The opportunities are manifold. The Nawab shares this opinion. It's rarely paid to be bearish in India.
Most people don't understand the principle of long-term investing...
Invest Rs. 10 laks today and double it every 3 years... in 30 years you'll be among the richest people in India.
What's happening next?
In India, this is a correction in a bull market. Corrections are short, sharp and swift.
Even if the market is flat for the next year, that's no big deal if you're a long-term investor.
So where are the best investments today?
Real estate is a good opportunity. RERA will help weed out weak, poor businesses.
Indian technology companies that own intellectual property and serve the domestic market could also do well.
Finally, airlines.
Indians are moving from trains to planes.
In Mumbai, the international airport is already at capacity.
Mumbai to Delhi is already one of the busiest routes in the world.
Warren Buffett said never invest in an airline, but he just recently invested billions in airline companies.
So India boom or bust?
"The best days of our country are ahead of us."
Successful investors are voracious readers. Mr. Ramesh recommends two content aggregation websites he's spends hours reading each day: and

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