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Sunday, May 13, 2018


An article from Our Building & Construction / May 2018


by Dr. D.Sivaprakasam
M.Com., M.Phil., B.G.L.,
PGDCA., Ph.D., Chairman,
SUSI Consultancy Services, Erode


Whenever the owner of a house goes out of the house for a long period, the owner must ensure safety to the house.

However on few occasions, small mistakes by the owner and his negligence give a chance for burglars to strike.

Light wooden doors, poor quality locks or latches, unplanned and wrong location of windows or wrongly affixed window grills make the job of the burglar easier.


There are a number of instances when burglars manage to gain access into the house by opening the door latch by putting their hands through the window located adjacent to it. 

For getting some extra space inside the house, the contractor encourages the owner to fix the window in such a manner that it opens from outside the house, which is a wrong practice. 

Police point out that windows which open from outside in a house are convenient for
the burglars.


Sometimes the burglars remove the iron grills affixed to the windows with the help of a normal screw driver or pliers. 

The police suggest that instead of just affixing the iron grills into the wooden window frame, house owners should ensure that the frame of the window grills are fixed inside the wall.

If it is done like this, burglars will have to break the wall to remove the grill. It would be an impossible task because it will result in a lot of noise and invite the attention of the neighbours. 

The police also suggest that it will be better if iron rods are also used in the window frame.
Dr.D.Sivaprakasam, Erode.


Many apartments and individual houses are located in a very remote place which is far away from the city. This will encourage the burglars to strike. 

Also, many residential buildings are located side by side with little space in between which gives the burglars free access to the terrace of different houses. 

The height of the walls is very low, making it easier for the burglar to move from one house to another. This should be avoided.


Hence, the owners should be very much careful in preventing any kind of burglary. 

The main entrance and back entrance wooden doors should be very strong. It is better to have grill doors in addition to the wooden doors. 

Locks and latches should be of good quality.

Location of windows should ensure safety. It is also better to choose an apartment or house which is surrounded by apartments and houses. 

Closed circuit cameras should be installed in and out of houses and connected to the mobile phones through internet for proper surveillance. If all these steps are taken, burglary can be prevented very

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