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Thursday, December 27, 2018

6 out of 10 women have bought a term plan

6 out of 10 women in Hyderabad have bought a term plan, AEGON Life

Rajeev Chugh, Chief Financial Officer, AEGON Life Insurance company said, “We are happy to announce the launch of ‘POS GRIP’. It is in line with our philosophy of launching simple, easy to understand products for our customers. It provides tax efficient assured returns for customers who like to invest in fixed return instruments. It is easy to understand and can be bought online at the customer’s convenience. Our regional market is also expanding, and we have specific plans for regional markets in the pipeline.”

While speaking about their presence in Hyderabad Mr. Chugh said, “Hyderabad is a leading market for us and we are focused on creating a value proposition for our customers. Given Hyderabad’s rich culture, people there understand the concept of life insurance and the need for one to protect their loved ones. 76% of our customers have opted for term plans.”

He further adds, “More than 80% customers are between the age group 25-45 years, 8 out of 10 customers have chosen to protect their families at an early age. Women also have realized the need for life insurance. As per our data, more than 65% women customers opted for protection in Hyderabad. i.e. 6 out of 10 women in Hyderabad have taken a term plan from Aegon Life.”

“Lastly, Hyderabad as a city is rapidly adopting the online buying culture. Of the total policies bought online out of which 97% are protection. 9 out of 10 policies bought online are term. An unwavering commitment to markets like Hyderabad has enabled us to gain insights from the emerging customers and consistently innovate when creating new products.”

The relationship between AEGON Life and Hyderabad comes a long way. The insurer started its operations in the year 2008 and since then, it has expanded its footprint in Hyderabad and Telangana/Andhra Pradesh enabling customers to financially protect their family's future As of now December 2018, AEGON Life services customers from more than 300 cities and towns across India. This is backed by a very strong digital presence that allows the company to establish a direct to customer dialogue. AEGON life is the pioneer in online term plans and 60% of their protection plans are online.
AEGON Life insurance recently launched second leg of their campaign ‘AEGON, toh Tension Gone’ through a TVC and signed Vicky Kaushal as their Brand ambassador. Through this, AEGON Life is urging customers to not procrastinate buying term insurance.

AEGON Life in India is a new-age digital service company and is amongst the first companies to launch Online Term Plan in India. Being the online protection specialists, AEGON Life has a company-employed service team that is fully geared to provide customers the highest levels of service. The company’s Direct to Customer focus establishes a direct dialogue with the customers to make for greater clarity and transparency. According to a recent report published by IRDA in September 2018, AEGON Life ranked #1 in average New Business Sum Assured per policy in the individual regular (non-single) premium category. This ranking included all the players, even LIC. https://www.aegonlife.com/ 


AEGON’s history dates back for almost two centuries, however AEGON as we know it today was founded in 1983 following the merger of two Dutch insurance companies, AGO and Ennia. Today, AEGON is one of the top-10 largest insurance companies in the world. AEGON is one of the world's leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. Globally, AEGON has operations in over 20 countries and covers more than 29 Million Lives. As of December 2017, AEGON managed more than EUR 817 billion of revenue-generating investments
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