MUTUAL FUND assets up 3% at Rs. 23.79 lakh Crore in March, 2019

MUTUAL FUND assets up 3% at Rs. 23.79 lakh Crore in March, 2019

Bull-run doubles inflows into ELSS to Rs. 11,756 crore from Rs. 5,122 crore in February, 2019.

AUM Rs. 23.79-lakh crore

The assets under management (AUM) of Indian mutual funds increased 3% in March to Rs. 23.79-lakh crore against Rs.23.16-lakh crore logged in February, despite the equity market scaling new heights.

Outflow from liquid and money market schemes stood at Rs. 51,343 crore last month, against Rs.24,509 crore in February, 2019.
Balanced and arbitrage funds also registered increased outflows of Rs. 3,181 crore and Rs. 3,998 crore last month, compared to outflows of Rs. 1,077 crore and Rs.482 crore logged in February.
However, income funds registered inflow of Rs.13,856 crore, against outflow of Rs.4,214 crore.

ELSS Investment Rs. 11,756 crore..!

Buoyed by the bull-run in the capital market, inflows into equity scheme, including equity-linked saving schemes (ELSS) more than doubled to Rs. 11,756 crore from Rs. 5,122 crore in February.

Inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) gained at Rs.10,540 crore from Rs. 5,234 crore with a fresh mop-up by the government through the ETF route.

Retail AUM Rs.10.73-lakh crore

The retail AUM of mutual funds was up 7% at Rs.10.73-lakh crore last month, against Rs. 10.01-lakh crore. The retail folio numbers increased to 6.93 crore from 6.87 crore.

Inflow through systematic investment plans (SIPs) fell marginally at Rs.8,055 crore (Rs.8,094 crore). However, the number of SIP accounts climbed to 2.62 crore from 2.59 crore in February.

Mr. N.S Venkatesh, CEO, Association of Mutual Funds in India, said mutual funds have done well to hold their ground despite volatility in equity markets, tension at the Indo-Pak border, and interest payment default by NBFCs.

In fact, he said, the increase in the number of new SIP accounts opened is a testimony to retail investors’ faith in mutual funds as a preferred investment vehicle.

The assets of mutual funds in the financial year ended March increased 11% compared to Rs.21.36-lakh crore in March 2018. Inflows into equity schemes fell 35% in FY19 to ₹1.11-lakh crore, against ₹1.71-lakh crore in the year ended March 2018.

Retail Folios  6.93 crore

Retail AUM increased 16 per cent from ₹9.22-lakh crore in March 2018 on the back of increase in folios to 6.93 crore from 5.94 crore.
Opening of new SIP accounts was not impacted despite SEBI trimming the commission paid to distributors, said Venkatesh.


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