DSC Registration : A Digital form of Identity Proof..!

DSC Registration : A Digital form of Identity Proof..!


A DSC Registration is an automatic plus electronic form of signature. Its use is to verify the identity of the signer of the document. Also, use in online transactions for authorization. This certificate applies as identity proof. It is very valuable for the purposes of EPF, income tax department etc. The DSC Registration is important for the companies, business, firm and Entrepreneurship.
The ITA Act of 2000 had provisions to apply Digital Signature to secure and authenticate of the documents presented in electronic form. This is a safe and genuine way to submit a document. The time duration for Finishing of the DSC Registration is 2 - 4 days.
The places where you can use Digital Signature :
  1. Filing GST Return
  2.  Business
  3. Finance and insurance sector
  4. Income tax filing
  5. Personal Use
  6. For E-filing of ROC

Classes (Types) of Digital signature

The determination of the DSC registration depends on the need, type of candidate and the reason for using it. There are 3 classes of DSC declared by the certifying officials.
  • Certificate of Class 1
This certificate issues to business personnel as we as the private individuals and subscribers. The certificates confirm all the detailed information like a user's name, email and contact details. These all are simply marked point lie in the database of the verifying authority.
  • Certificate of Class 2
This certificate issues to the signatory authorities or director of the company. The purpose of the class 2 certificate is e-filing with the ROC. It's compulsory for individuals who sign the manual documents while filing returns in reference to ROC.
  • Certificate of Class 3
This certificate applies in online bidding or participation in the e-auction and online tenders. The merchants who wish to engage in the online tenders need to have the certificate of class 3.

Benefits of DSC Registration

  • Recognized by the lawful and legal body.
  • Once DSC is registered no compliance is required.
  • The DSC is safe and secure from the written signatures.
  • DSC saves time as it eliminates the presence of the physical appearance of the signee.
  • The renewal process of certificates timely makes them validated.
  • This the most secure way of signing plus its widely allowed.
  • Documents that are signed digitally cannot be modified or updated after signing. That makes the data secure.

The Steps involved in DSC Registration

  • STEP 1:  Log in to a website and choose your kind of entity.
  • STEP 2: Fill the necessary details. For example, Validity, Applicant name and contact details, Attestation officer, DSC class  etc
  • STEP 3: Address and Identity Proof.
  • STEP 4: Payment for Digital Signature Certificate
  • STEP 5: Post the documents required and mentioned below in the document required.

Documents Required for DSC Registration

  • Indian Individual
    1. AADHAAR Card
    2. Passport
    3. Voter ID Card
    4. Post Office ID Card
    5. Passbook comprising sign and photograph of applicant .attestation from bank manager/official.
    6. Photo ID allocated by a state government or Ministry of home affairs of centre.
    7. Issued Photo ID from any goverment mentions the signature of the applicant.
    8. Applicants PAN card
    9. The Water Bill and Electricity Bill of the applicant. Note that it should be fresh or 3 months old.
    10. Recent Bank Statements signed by the bank .make sure statements are not older than 3 Months.
    11. Service Tax registration certificate.
    12. VAT Tax certificate of registration.
    13. Sales Tax registration certificate.
    14. Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt.
    15. Driving Licence with RC.
  • Indian Organization
  1.  Applicant’s Organizational ID Card  or Letter from Organization  or Pay Slip copy
  2. A copy of the Organizational PAN Card
  3. Copy of Bank Statement.The First 2 Pages of statements.
  4. Registration Certificate or Incorporation copy.
  5. A copy of  MOA and AOA.
  6.  Last Income Tax Return copy
  7. A Copy of Audit Report & Annual Return
  8. Copy Self Affidavit with reason, if not available.
  9.  Partnership Deed or Trust Deed or LLP Agreement copies. Comprising the list of  Signatories or Partners.
  10.  Business Registration Certificate copy including  S&E or ST or VAT.
  11. Proof of Authorized Signatory.
  12. Authorized Signatory Organizational ID Card plus Self-Attested Letter of Organizational Identity.
  •  Foreign Individual
  1. Applicant Passport
  2.  VISA in case the applicant is out of the native country.
  3.  Resident Permit certificate in case the applicant is in India.
  4.  Any other address proof issued by the government.
Note: All the documents must have proper attestation and in the form of copies. Don't provide the original documents. Give copies of all the documents.
        1. Foreign Organization

    1. Passport of Applicant
    2. VISA in situation the applicant is out of the native country.
    3.  A certificate of Resident in situation the applicant is in India.
    4.  Any other address proof issued by the government.
Note: All the documents must have clear attestation and in the form of copies. Don't provide the original documents. Give copies of all the documents.

General Instruction for DSC Registration

  • Sign of the applicant needs to be in Blue Ink (only)
  • The sign of the applicant is considered as the ID proof.
  • Cross-Sign in the application form is a must on the photo of the applicant.
  • The supporting documents need attestation from Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Post Master.
  • Authorized Signatory attestation is allowed in the organizational documents.
Note: The attested copy of the Organizational ID Card of Authorized Signatory is compulsory.
  • An attestation proof from the officer, The following proofs are mandated :
  1. Name of the officer
  2. His/ Her contact Details
  3. Designation
  4. Office Address
  5. Contact Number
This counts on to be a part of attestation.
Note: If giving separately it needs to be attested either by the Attesting officer or the Applicant.

Points to Remember for Registration

  • DSC is issued for 1 - 2 years. After this time duration, their validity has expired, they need to be renewed.
  • Digital signatures documents are fair in the eyes of legal courts as proof or evidence.
  • The person can have many DSC but needs to have Valid reasons. One can have it for a personal reason as well as for official reason also.
  • For Incorporation of a company online all the documents need to have DSC of a director of the company. In accordance with classes of DSC the company direct need to have Class -2 certificates.
  • DCS can apply by the direct approach of CAs ( Certifying Authorities ) with the original documents and attested copies.
  • Moreover, the DSC obtains from CA using Aadhar eKYC based on authentication.No further documents are needed after this.
  • A certificate or a letter from the Bank are accepted. The condition is the letter needs the certification by the manager of Bank. Bank database is accepted if it comprises all details of the applicants.
  • A DSC is renewed after completing the valid 1-2 year.
  • MCA has declared 6 official and certified authorities. For DSC registration certification applicant should obtain these following authorities.
  1. NIC: National Informatics Centre
  2.  Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
  3. Safe Script
  4. e-Mudhra
  5. NC-Code
  6. Tata Consultancy Services
  7. The price of the USB token applies to save the certificate. That includes in the charges.
  8. The documents and hard copies of the forms will be sent by the courier to the applicant. This takes about 2-5 days.
  9. General Reasons: For Refusal of DSC Registration.

Genuine Reasons for the Refusal of DSC Registration

  • The documents provided which old more than 3 months. They are not considered as a valid attachment.
  • The seal or stamp does not include membership or practising certificate number.
  • Prefixes are used like Mr., Ms., Shri etc. Are used in the applicant’s name.
  • Making use of abbreviating names. Compressing the directors’ names, regardless of what is specified in the ID or address proof.
  • Doing spelling mistakes in the name of the applicant.
This article is composed by Shrishti Jain. A content writer at LegalRaasta.LegalRaasta is a leading portal in India. It provides a platform that renders legal services at a worthy cost like Company Registration, Digital signature, EPF registration and so on.


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