Free Stock Seminar Three steps to Billionaire, Chennai 4 May 2019, Saturday

Free  Stock  Seminar Three steps to Billionaire, Chennai

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Three steps to Billionaire, Chennai

- By Mr. Dilip K Shah: Editor Smart Investment and experience of 40 years
And Mr. A K Asnani: Advisor, Author, Coach, duly qualified (MBA, PhD- pursuing) and  experience of 31 years

Date : 04 May 2019, Saturday

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm sharp

 HCK Memorial Hall, 149, Greams Dugar, 5th Floor, Southwing, 600006, Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


 Every single person who attends to walk away with the way to create mega wealth from stocks.

The exact next step they need to take today in order to get control of their financial goals / dreams - all in an unbelievably smooth and easy way.

No charts theory will be discussed

Seminar is suitable for

•   To realize dreams like a good house, child higher education, & leisure tours

•   Early retirement planning

•   Pursue stock advisory as carrier.

•   Individuals whose goal is to build mega wealth over time.

•   All kinds of investors even with little or no experience

Minting money from stocks is SIMPLE, investors make it COMPLEX

Entry Free! With Registration only.

To register for seminar visit

Queries: 0755 4220708 / 09131361959

Please forward this message to your investor friends / relatives in Chennai & nearby cities.


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